Asus X553MA: reviews. Disadvantages and advantages of a laptop

Asus company does not cease to amaze itsfans - at first the most productive mobile device in the world, then a netbook-transformer and now here is a laptop in the ultra-thin case of Asus X553MA. The feedback of the owners of this device is both positive and negative, so in this article we'll have to figure out what the disadvantages and advantages of the laptop are. And at the same time to conduct a full review of the novelty, so that the reader could make his own conclusions about it.

Asus X553MA reviews

Plagiarism or own innovations

Externally, the device resembles the laptop AirMac Book, especially if the Asus X553MA is considered white. The same ultra-slim body, light weight, strict keyboard and a large touchpad. On this similarity end, in fact, in addition to the appearance, there are many other criteria: build quality, body material, technical specifications and installed components.

Generally, blame the Taiwanese manufacturer forplagiarism is impossible, after all, everything happens quite the contrary. Asus introduces a new technology, and it is immediately used by all competitors, as it was with GPS-navigators, which were first installed on handheld personal computers, or with an innovative cooling system on motherboards and video adapters. In any case, this resemblance to an expensive American brand can be considered an accident and no longer return to this issue.

laptop Asus X553MA

The first acquaintance with the novelty

Asus likes to surprise itsfans, so when you first get acquainted with the user will really like the packaging: it is bright and very beautiful looking, even can outshine any New Year gift. However, the manufacturer did not surprise the complete set: the device itself, the operating manual and the charger. The lack of driver discs did not please many owners who purchased the Asus X553MA laptop, judging by their negative feedback.

But if you take a mobile computer in hand, the wholeThe negative immediately grows into positive emotions. The owner at the first acquaintance can get the impression that the device was created personally for him. The strict style of the case, the screen and the keyboard does not repel it at all, but, on the contrary, attracts the eye, I want to quickly turn on the device and enjoy its work.

Build quality

In the mass media on qualityThe Asus X553MA notebook builds owner reviews and reviews of independent experts are a bit controversial. The production used very high-quality plastic, which does not creak and does not emit strange sounds during deformation - this is confirmed by both experts and owners. However, there are complaints from users to the cover of the laptop, the attachment of which is too stiff. If the owner of the device is a girl, then it will cost a lot of effort to open the laptop in the first months of work.

There is a negative of owners and to the locationaccessories inside the laptop. To clean the device from dust, you have to sweat even a professional, it is so difficult to get to the basic components. However, most owners believe that the compactness of the laptop is much more important than dust cleaning, which, among other things, should only be made at the Asus service center.

Asus X553MA price

The main component of any laptop

In addition to appearance, most buyersconsider that the laptop should have a decent screen. IT professionals consider this statement to be true, because work or leisure for a mobile device obliges to look at the screen. However, for the Asus X553MA laptop, the screen review is unlikely to add pride to the owner.

The problem lies in the fact that the manufacturerinstalled a 15-inch TN device matrix with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels per inch. This is a real mockery of the user, because ultrathin devices are positioned in the business class, and therefore a priori must have a high-quality IPS matrix. And for a 15-inch screen with a 16: 9 aspect ratio, it would be better to have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 dots per inch.

The installed matrix though has an oldtechnology, but here the color rendering it performs a decent, very close to the MVA quality. This affects also the viewing angles, which are widened horizontally. The overall picture is complemented by LED backlight, which perfectly copes with any glare of the screen and allows you to see the natural black color.

Asus X553MA Black

Keyboard and Touchpad

The appearance of the keyboard naturally resemblesfamous Mac Book Air. All keys are completely separated from each other, and at first glance, it seems that there are not enough buttons. The thing is that the laptop Asus X553MA has a truncated Enter key, which creates a visual shortage. In fact, the keyboard of a mobile device is full-sized and will please all business people with the presence of a digital unit, which many manufacturers try to get rid of by replacing it with multimedia buttons. The progress of the buttons, though short, but rather stiff, accordingly, any pressing will be perceptible.

The huge touchpad is at first sight devoid of scrollingup-down and functional buttons, however this is deceptive. The control keys are just at the touchpad level, which, by the way, supports multitouch. This means that, together with the installed Windows 8 operating system, the user can use all available gestures, both on smartphones and tablets.

Asus X553MA Specifications

Ports and interfaces

Left out of the market for several years DVD-RW driveshowed all owners of computers and laptops that storing important data on a USB flash drive is not at all safe, so the owners of the Asus X553MA Black will be pleased that their device is provided with an optical drive that is located on the right side of the device.

On the other hand, the manufacturer has posted connectorsfor connecting audio devices (headphones and microphone), a card reader, two USB ports, a network connector (RJ-45) and two video outputs (D-Sub and HDMI). The presence of analog video output was met negatively by some users, because this is, in fact, the last century. However, many IT experts claim that the Russian market has plenty of devices that can not be connected without this interface. The charger connector is also located on the left side of the notebook.

The sound system in the device is nothing specialstands out: the speakers are placed under the working panel on the front end of the laptop. In complete silence, at a loudness of 30-60%, the sound is magnificent, loud enough and does not rattle anything. However, when there is an outside noise or an increase in the volume, the picture deteriorates sharply.

Very strange move of the manufacturer

It's clear that for an ultra-thin laptopAsus X553MA performance characteristics must definitely be ideal, compared to similar devices from competitors. However, everything is not so rosy here. On the one hand, the manufacturer installed a powerful Pentium processor with four cores and provided the system with 8 gigabytes of RAM. But on the other - an integrated video adapter and a magnetic hard drive for 1.5 TB.

Following the logic, it is easier to install on a laptop AsusX553MA Pentium with two cores, the magnetic drive is replaced with an SSD drive, which is less susceptible to loads when carrying a mobile device. And the speed of work will be an order of magnitude higher. Fans of games are indignant about the integrated adapter. Could not you just install a simple discrete graphics card?

Asus X553MA review

Office plankton?

Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners,Asus X553MA notebook, whose price is significantly lower than all competitors in the niche of ultra-light devices (16,000 rubles), will be more suitable for business class, where high performance is required for resource-intensive applications (office, analytical calculations, terminal services, web).

High system performance is capable ofto cope with graphics programs and video editors, but designers will clearly not like the color transfer, which will be very poor quality due to the installed TN matrix. It is clear that for the Asus X553MA the price was on the first place, but this stinginess of the manufacturer simply repels potential buyers from the laptop.

It is not necessary to think, that to fans of games giventhe device does not work. Before buying, you need to familiarize yourself with the requirements for your favorite toys. If the emphasis is on the processor's performance and the amount of RAM, then an ultra-thin laptop will launch the application without any problems. Of course, the user will not get maximum graphic effects, but he can play (in the same "Dot").

Problems and solutions

Disappointing about the Asus X553MA laptop reviewsowners who decided to install an old operating system (Windows 7). The manufacturer has disabled hardware support for obsolete Microsoft products. The problem is solved by removing the hard drive from the laptop, installing it in another device and then installing the operating system. After installation, the drive returns to its native laptop. However, with the release of Windows 10, this procedure is meaningless, because the new system is much more productive than obsolete Microsoft products.

Do not like the owners and installed inlaptop camera - 0.3 megapixel, which uniquely refers to the technology of the last century. The situation can be corrected only by purchasing an independent device. The trick is waiting for the owner and with the processor, which in the system is defined as a Pentium. But when you disassemble the laptop on the surface of the processor, you can see the inscription Intel Atom N3530.

Asus X553MA pentium


If you study about the Asus X553MA laptop reviews, thenyou can come to a rather strange conclusion - the manufacturer wanted to position it for all niches in the market, but this did not work out. A powerful device due to the integrated video system is not suitable for game lovers. Low-quality screen does not like video editors, designers and all creative personalities. Serious businessmen prefer expensive devices, and students choose cheaper ones. There are home users who need a stylish laptop to work with the Internet and multimedia - the device was created precisely for this segment!

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