How to make money on likes and reposters in social networks: recommendations, tips and results

How to make money on huskies and reposts? Social networks are increasingly entering the life of ordinary people. And few people do not have a desire to make money on their popularity. But is it possible to somehow realize this? Are there any pleasant and profitable methods, how to make money on the likes of the Internet? No matter how strange it sounds, yes, there is. But how much can you earn on this, and what pitfalls are there?

Social networks as an opportunity to earn

how to earn on husky
Since the invention of social networks, it has beeninvented a lot of opportunities to make money on them. There are a lot of different variants and variations, and since work is being done with people, everything depends on the ingenuity of the entrepreneurs themselves. The greatest profit, as a rule, is received by those who come up with something first. How to make money on the likes of social networks, what are the options for earning and opportunities? On the possibilities will be further, but for now let's talk about the main assets - actually huskies and reposts.

What are huskies and reposts?

how to earn on the likes of the Internet
Laik - a conventional symbol for the "Like" button. When you click on it, the person tells you that he is interested in this proposal, this topic or he agrees with what is being discussed in the post. Also, the button is used to indicate that a person likes photography, video recording, or something like that. The one who first wondered how to make money on the likes of the Internet, was guided precisely by the latter option.

Repost - the conventional symbol of the button "Add yourself to the wall." Used to save important information, attract public attention or just for entertainment purposes.

Is it possible to make some money?

how to make money on the likes of social networks
Yes, and more what money! With the help of the network, you can search for your business services, store or simply earn on advertising. Selling advertising in popular groups, helping to wind the likes, reposts and subscribers for users and groups, you can get good money. As you can see, there are a lot of options on how to make money on the likes of social networks, and some of them will be scrutinized right now.

Earnings on groups with the help of likes and reposts

how to earn on huskies and reposts
How can you earn money by having a group and the likes ofrepostami it? The fact is that such user activity is to show the popularity of the group and the fact that the advertisement given in it will be effective. Therefore, in proportion to the amount of activity and increases the payment for advertising posts. You, probably, have noticed this many times? Those who have not yet understood what they are talking about, let him know: these are posts that lead to the pages of other groups advertising a product, an online store. Their cost is usually (at 200,000 members of the group and the activity of 1000 likes / fast) about 200 rubles. When one of the indicators increases, the percentage of post publication increases as a percentage. It is very easy to make money on huskies and reposts - here the number of subscribers smoothly flows into the quality of earnings. But here the question arises: where, in fact, take your group with such indicators, so that in the future even more, earn?

Earnings on cheating likes and repostov

how to make money on the likes of social networks
And then comes out to help cheat. Its meaning is similar to the exchange of likes and reposts between users of social networks. This is one of the most popular and stable ways to earn on huskies in social. networks. There are opportunities for manual and automatic wrapping. The first option because of the scale of the problem disappears immediately, so it makes sense to use only automation. To do this, there are various services with which you can work both in cloud mode and on the computer. In addition, having earned an internal currency with the help of such services, you can convert it into real money to sell to those that want to get likes and reposts, but do not want to wait.

An application in a social network or a separate site: what to choose?

A rather natural question arises: What to use? An application inside the social network itself or downloaded from a separate site? Each of them has its own peculiarities: thus, the application gives you certain guarantees that the password from your profile will not be stolen. In addition, in most of them the entire domestic currency can be used only for the profile that it received, which eliminates bots and time profiles. But at the same time, one should know that such applications do not favor social networks themselves. Therefore, a rather high risk that it will be blocked, and all your virtual "savings" will burn.

When deciding to make your choice in favor of the sitewe can say about the reliability of virtual "savings" within social networks. But here the issue of quality and reliability is actively raised. So, to access the social network, you must enter your email and password, which in itself increases the likelihood of identity theft. In addition, there are many temporary users who will be deleted after a certain time, and a page or group will literally be full of empty icons of no longer existing accounts.

Recommendations and advice

how to make money for husky
As you can see, the way of earnings on their huskies and reposts is rather complicated and problematic. But there are still opportunities to earn extra money, and they should also be talked about, give advice and recommendations.

So, there is a category of sites thatoffer to make money by putting the likes and repo by hand. It would seem that there is a complex - and there is such. The fact is that this work is very low-paid, so earning an amount that will be equal to at least half of the average payment for the day (while working all day while working) is quite problematic. Therefore, it is better not to try this option. But if you have enough perseverance to do something so monotonous all the time - think about the more profitable application of your work, the benefit of those who want to get it will be found.

For a small increase in itsprofile in social networks can use the services of the site or an application that offers to do everything manually. But as a profit, this option is not very suitable.

Also, if you want to make good money, thinkabout the creation of its service for the exchange of likes and reposts among users. Judging by their prevalence - it is a profitable business, if you approach it wisely.


So it was considered how to make money forhusky. Do it realistically if you take an innovative approach and enterprise. In general, it is worth noting that it is quite possible to earn on huskies and reposts in social networks. Then another question remains open: how much money can be obtained from this? If you consider the amount from the point of view of the average user - you can not count on a significant profit. The only expedient option is to unite a group of people within an application or a special site in order to receive a certain income from their actions.

Although, there remains an open version withexperimenting. You can try to earn money personally, but keep in mind: the average cost is about 0.5 rubles, so for a minimum wage, you have to put 12,000 likes in a month! Or 400 per day. And it's not just people who liked it - but to look for certain users who are ready to pay for it. To get the average salary in the country it is necessary to put 60 000 likes in a month! Or 2,000 in one day! Whether it is worth earning these efforts is up to you. That you could work on an equal basis with other specialties, you can try to count with the help of mathematics, how many you can perform the work per day. So, to receive an average salary, you have to work every day for 6 hours and put 4 likes in a minute!

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