Acer Aspire 3690. Review of the characteristics of the laptop

Acer takes the leading positions in the rankingmanufacturers of laptops. The products of this company are popular and in demand in many countries of the world. One of its distinctive features is a specific price policy: almost everyone will be able to find an inexpensive device that will meet its requirements. At the same time, Acer carefully monitors the quality of its products. In addition, its products are easily recognizable.

acer aspire 3690

In general, all laptops produced by the company can be divided into two broad types:

  • The devices manufactured with the Travelmate prefix have a sufficiently powerful stuffing and are aimed at the business;
  • Aspire are designed for the average consumer, stand out at a lower cost. They are suitable for work and entertainment.

In this article, we'll look at the Acer Aspire laptop3690, which at a small price has a pretty good display. This model is quite similar to its many competitors, but it differs with a rotating camera.


Acer Aspire 3690 has a very recognizabledesign. The lid and body are made in silver color. Black keys complement the attractive appearance. Each part of the case Acer Aspire 3690 perfectly fits into the overall design. In general, the design is quite similar to other models of this line of devices, there are only some improvements.

acer aspire 3690 specifications


Display Acer Aspire 3690 is not much better thancompetitors in this price category. The matte 15.4 "screen has a resolution of 1280X800 pixels, it is quite contrast and bright, and also conveys colors perfectly, but the viewing angles of the Acer Aspire 3690, the technical characteristics of which are presented in the article, are not very large.


Acer Aspire 3690 keyboard, technicalperformance, and performance are unlikely to surprise the user. Keys here are very similar to those that are present on other models of devices of this company. It has an average size, easy movement, and also a characteristic sound when pressed.

Slightly above the keyboard is located a number of buttons,which are responsible for the quick launch. All of them are easily configured with the help of a special utility that is present in the system. Nearby there are several indicators that indicate different changes.

Acer Aspire 3690 Bl50, the characteristics of whichsimilar to the Samsung R40, boasts another series of buttons. They are responsible for adjusting the volume of the sound, as well as for switching songs. They are located vertically, but at the same time to use them quite comfortably.

 acer aspire 3690 bl50 specifications

The touchpad is standard. It differs from many others with the presence of the third button, which is responsible for scrolling through the pages. It has good sensitivity and is quite convenient.


As already mentioned above, the Acer Aspire 3690 BL50,technical characteristics of which are not distinguished by innovations, can not surprise the user with a powerful filling. The notebook has a cut-off processor from Intel - Celero M430. The clock speed is 1.73 GHz. It is worth mentioning that this device can not dynamically adjust the frequency and power consumption. As a result, in the battery mode, high capacity is allocated, but faster discharge of the device. The laptop did not receive a discrete card, so users will have to settle for a fairly old, built-in Intel GMA950.

The device is equipped with a working memory, the volume of which is 512 MB, but it can be increased. The standard of memory is DDR2.

The built-in hard disk has a capacity of 80 GB. However, it can be changed to a more capacious one.

Long stand-alone device boastcan not. It is not very capacious battery, designed for 44 Wh. Therefore, the user should not expect to work long hours offline.


The device has a sufficient number of ports. All of them are located at a considerable distance from each other, which ensures their comfortable work. On the back of the main unit of the laptop are two USB ports, an output to the monitor and a TV, and a modem outlet. On the left, the user will find two more USB ports, as well as an SD card slot and a network outlet. There is only a drive on the right.


acer aspire 3690 bl50 specifications

Acer Aspire 3690 - a standard budget laptopclass. Today it is already considered obsolete, but still be able to cope with many applications and will serve the owner for several years. Due to its design it is very comfortable to use, practically does not heat up. The device has an excellent keyboard and a number of additional buttons that will help the user to manage.

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