Browsing history. How to look and clean it

All people are very curious by their nature. Therefore, they are always very interested in knowing what others are doing behind a personal computer. View the history of views in several ways. Here everything depends on what you need. You can see the history of viewing pages on the Internet or track what kind of person the correspondence was, and so on. You can see what programs were run on the computer, what is the history of browsing the sites.

watch history

Another situation may arise. For example, you read some interesting article on the Internet. You liked it, but you did not add it to your favorites. Re-find this page did not work, especially if they hit it completely by accident. In this situation, a viewing history is necessary. In it you can see a list of all Internet projects visited. In the browser, the browsing history includes the browser's cache and cookies.

View remote visits history

browsing history

In order to learn the history of viewing sites,you can use a special program. For example: DiscDigger, Easy File Undelete, Recuva. After downloading and installing the program you need to run and find a special file called Places, which has the sqlite extension. This is the history of viewing Internet projects.

It is necessary to know that if the user has deleted such a list with the help of specialized programs, then it will be very difficult to restore it. In this case, the browsing history will be lost forever.

To view it in the browser, you need topress Ctrl + H. The whole story is stored in the personal PC's memory as files. When you delete it, you, in other words, delete certain files from the hard disk. You just need to know where they are located.

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If you are using the Explorer browser, then this file is located here: C: UsersUserAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsHistory

In Firefox: C: UsersAppDataRoamingMozillaFirefoxProfiles

In Google Chrome, the file is located here: C: UsersUserAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefault

Here it is necessary to replace the "user" with the name of the one whose story we need.

Another interesting program for viewing the history

Let's consider one more variant with which helpyou can see the history. To do this, you can use a program called Punto Switcher. This program has a very convenient function. It's called "Keeping a diary." It is there that records everything that the user did on his PC. In order for such access to be only from you, you can set a password on it. It must be remembered that this file should be periodically cleaned, otherwise the program may not work correctly.

How to delete your browsing history

Any browser installed on the computerthe history of visits and movements of users on the Internet. This happens by default and is available for viewing to anyone. If you need to delete these entries, the browser itself provides this option.

delete watch history

Consider how to do this in the most popular browsers

  1. If you want to clear history in your browserOpera, then you should perform such actions. Open the browser menu and find the "Settings" section. Here you need to select the option "Delete personal data". In the settings window, the settings are hidden by default. They need to be deployed by clicking on the "Detailed Configuration" link. You must check the box next to "Clear browsing history". You also need to look carefully so that you do not remove something necessary.
  2. In Firefox, we do this. We find a section called "Tools", and there we will need the "Settings" line. A new window will open, and in it we will need the "Privacy" tab. In it, click on "Clear immediately." Then a window will open called "Delete unnecessary data". In it, we check that there is a mark on the entry point of the visit log. Choose what you want to delete, and click on the "Delete" button.
  3. If you have an Explorer, it has a historynamed "Journal of the Observer". To get there, you need to find in the menu a section called "Service" and there select the line "Delete log". After that, a new window will open, and there you will find "Delete history".
  4. In Google Chrome, you can do this: use the combination of the buttons Ctrl + Shift + Del. And you can do it differently. Go to the "Tools" section and find the "Delete scanned data" button. The browser deletes the history to a depth that you can specify yourself. You can do this from the drop-down list. We tick off the item "Clear history" and click on the delete button.
  5. If you use the Safari browser, then there is a separate section called "History". It is located in the browser menu.

How to delete the story in "Yandex"

"Yandex" also provides many opportunities for users. It stores each visited Internet project. If necessary, you can see both the history of visits and the history of downloads.

To delete the visited web pagesopen the browser and click on the icon that looks like a wrench. It is located at the top right after the address bar. Here we find the "History" item, and there will be a list of all visited pages. Put a tick on the pages that you want to delete, and delete them.

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