Skyrim, "The Walking Nightmare" - complete passage of the task

In the game Skyrim "Walking Nightmare" is considered heavyplot test, and there are significant reasons for this. Many users complain about technical problems and the high complexity of killing enemies. In the end, players have a difficult moral choice. If we take these factors into account, then the usual mission really turns into a test.

Task description

In Skyrim "Walking Nightmare" belongs to the categorytasks that are associated with the princes of the Daedra. Traditionally, in such missions it is possible to obtain a unique object if the player fulfills certain conditions. In this case, the artifact is called "Skull of Corruption" and belonged to the goddess Vermina. For technical reasons, there are already problems in the code itself. It can be fixed by patches, modifications or additions, but even so the probability of a bug will not cease to exist. The best exit will be maintained throughout the execution of the quest. Then, with technical problems, the player simply restarts the control point and moves on. Thus, "Walking Nightmare" Skyrim will not confirm its name in the literal sense for any gamer.

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Introduction to Erandur

After arriving in Danstar, where every secondthe counter complains of nightmares, go to the "Peak of the Winds" tavern. It is there that the player will introduce a character named Erandur and from there begins the quest in Skyrim ("Walking Nightmare"). He will tell you that he knows the reason for all the bad dreams of the inhabitants of the city and the fault in this curse of the evil Prince Daedra. The Dark Elf knows ways to resist the curse, but for this he will need the help of the protagonist. Together with Erandur, Dovakin will embark on a journey, the end point of which will be the Temple of the Callers of the Night. Along the way, the companion will tell the stories of his life and the attack of orcs on the cult of the dark goddess. The Elf will open the door with a fiery spell, but inside there will be a barrier that must be removed in order to get to the artifact inside the temple.

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The search for the book

At this point, any player in the roleThe Dragonborn must be preserved. Later in Skyrim "Walking Nightmare" will guide you through a series of clashes with undead and orcs. If the level of the character is 20+, then there will be no difficulties in the battles. Next, Erandur, after the direct question of how he knows so many details about the temple, will tell the story of his life. He once served Vermina and in the hour of the orcs' attack he escaped from the temple. Now he repents of his sins and serves as the patroness of all the races of Tamriel to the goddess Mare. After the story, the player along with the companion will get to the library, where Erandur will again take up explaining further actions. Довакину it is necessary to search for the book under the name "Схохождение". It is located on the upper tiers of the library, on a pedestal between two racks (catches the eye). Along the way, kill several attackers and return to the elf.

 a walking nightmare skyrim


In the future, the quest "Walking Nightmare" (Skyrim)will lead the player to the laboratory of the Temple of the Callers of the Night. Erandur said that you can remove a powerful magic barrier around the Skull of Corruption by drinking a potion called "Vermina Apathy". It has the effect of moving through dreams, which also happens in reality. There is a danger that in this dream, Dovakin may die or not wake up, but the elf will try to do everything so that this does not happen. When a player falls asleep, individuals will react to him, because he will be considered part of it. Erandur after the story takes the player to the lab, where he had to keep a sample of a rare potion, which he did not have to see in action. Move along the corridor and eliminate the followers of Vermina and the orcs-invaders. In the lower tier of the laboratory, in the midst of all alchemical products, there will be a necessary bottle. Take it and drink it, in order to enter another world.

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The Universe of Dreams

Further events of the mission The elder scrolls vSkyrim ("Walking Nightmare") will take place in the body of Casimir - a follower of the cult of the goddess Vermina. At the temple at this moment the orcs are attacking, which means that the main character was transferred to the events that took place fifty years ago. Before him were two brothers and they argued about protecting the Skull of Corruption. The head of the cult instructed the player to release the miasma by means of a mechanism on the outer level. Using military spells, break through to the point on the map and pull the ring. If it was possible to do this, then the character wakes up from a dream and will already be on the other side of the barrier. You can remove it by pressing the ring again, and also pick up the soul stone, which has fed the magic shell for all these long years. Next on the way to the artifact will be familiar from the dream followers - Faithful and Torek. They called Erandur Casimir and were old friends until the orcs attacked the temple. After the victory, the path will be opened.

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Moral choice

The final stage will lead to the altar with a valuablesubject in the task "Walking Nightmare" (Skyrim). The passage is reduced to a moral choice - to kill Erandur or leave to live. The elf says that he will begin the ritual of destruction, and at this time the goddess Vermina proposes to kill the apostate and take her artifact. If you leave the satellite alive, then you can take it with you on assignments. Murder will make it possible to take possession of a valuable staff, which deals 20-50 points of damage, depending on its fullness of dreams. At the same time to strike a blow in the back of an unsuspecting partner on assignment. What choice to make in this situation, each user decides for himself. On this mission ends, and the inhabitants of Dunstar are freed from dreams. The main thing is not to forget to remain and look around, so as not to let your enemies catch yourself unaware.

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