What can check the hard drive?

Here it is - the long-awaited purchase of a computer, and notso important, stationary or laptop. He perfectly follows the directions, his speed of operation is simply amazing. From the moment of the team to the reaction and execution, the fractions of a second pass, everyone is happy. But the trouble is that soon such speed of work begins to disappear, the computer starts for a long time, and then starts to slow down. Then the fun begins.

hard disk check

The first detail, which is subjected togreat wear and tear is the hard drive of the computer. The fact is that the speed of its rotation is very high, it is magnetized, in addition, it is completely hermetic. Conditions for work are simply sterile. Hard disk check in this case can only be carried out by software.

Modern operating systems, for example,Windows 7, in a timely manner notify the user of equipment malfunction, but how to find out what exactly is the matter? Checking the hard drive can show a lot. For a start, let's not go into the details, we'll start with a simple, with standard diagnostics. It happens that you can limit it.

Checking the hard drive of Windows 7 allows you toFirst of all, identify system errors. To do this, go to the "Computer", and then select "Disk Properties", which causes suspicion. Then go to the service tab, where to perform the check. The first time is to fix only system errors and not to touch the damaged sectors. If a hard disk drive is checked, which is a system drive, the system will prompt you to turn it off, after which a reboot will occur. Before starting, the disk will be tested.

hard disk check windows 7

If it only stores files, the diagnosticswill be carried out immediately. If there is a suspicion that the case is in hardware, then the hard disk check is performed with the recovery of the damaged sectors, then the order remains unchanged. But that is not all. Let's go a little further.

Each hard drive has a technologyself-diagnosis S.M.A.R.T. It checks it before starting the operating system, and then writes the results to the log. The usual means of this data is not read, but there are programs, for example, Victoria, which allow it to be done. This development has a clear interface, unfortunately, the Russified version does not exist. After simple manipulations, you can determine SMART Status. It can be red or green, it's probably not worth talking about the meaning.

Hard disk check and recovery

Checking and repairing the hard driveare conducted by another program that can not do this with system disks. In this case, it is possible to create a bootable USB flash drive from which the program runs, even before the operating system is launched. To do this, set the priority of the startup to USB. After power-up, you should select the disk to scan, specify the parameters in which you can allow the recovery of broken sectors. If the program can not do this, it will simply block them, after which information can not be written on them. This is a guarantee that the data will not be lost.

Here are a few ways to checka hard disk both means Windows, and indirect programs. But you should not have any big illusions. If the hard drive worn out mechanically, then it is simply impossible to restore it programmatically.

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