How to set up the camera in Skype? Effects of the webcam in "Skype"

Without an answer to the question of how to set up the camerain "Skype", you will not be able to make a video call, because you can see the interlocutor, but he will not see you. We will discuss the options for solving the problem posed below.

how to configure the camera in skype

How to set up the camera in Skype: driver installation

First of all, you need to connect the camera to thepersonal computer, and right after that install the driver. You can perform the specified action either by using the special disk that comes with the device, or by downloading the necessary software from the Web. In the first case, just insert the media into the drive, and then run the command "autorun.exe".

Then everything happens in the same way with the installationany software. Follow the on-screen instructions. If the installation disk is missing or damaged, you can download the necessary drivers from the Internet. To do this, go to the official website of the manufacturer of your webcam. Then go to "Support" or "Downloads", then to "Drivers".

Note that the path may differ slightly independing on the organization of a particular site, but the principle is everywhere the same. In the next step, in a specially designed window, specify the model of the camera, after that you will receive a link for downloading the driver. When the software is stored on the hard disk, install it.

Check the camera settings for Skype

If the driver settings were not enough to completely resolve the issue of how to set up the webcam in Skype, let's get down to the setup.

configure webcam in skype
Open "Skype", then - "Settings" menu, then - "Video settings".

If the program does not find any difficulties in the operation of the hardware, you will see an image from the web camera. After this additional action is not required. Your camera is set up.


In case there are problems with the camera in Skype allSerious, you will not see the images. It is necessary to check, perhaps, the camera is used by the application. It's about a program that probably started in parallel with Skype, and also uses the camera. However, if the camera is not being used, you should check its connection to the personal computer.

how to fix a camera in skype

Let's try to figure out how to fix the camerain "Skype" at the program level and check whether everything is good with the driver. To this end, go to the "Control Panel", then go to "System", open "Hardware" and "Device Manager". Find the line with the camera.

How to set up the camera in Skype: pay attention

In case you see an exclamation markyellow, the driver is not installed correctly or is not suitable for this device. Go to the camera settings, install the recommended driver or update the existing one. When these steps are completed, double-check the "Video Settings" of the Skype program.

If there is no image,Check the operation of the camera with other applications. However, if the camera does not respond, contact the manufacturer. The device may be defective or may have its own features.

Setting up Skype on your mobile device

For stable work of the program on the smartphone orthe tablet requires such technical characteristics: operating system Android 2.1 or higher (you can also use the platform Windows Phone version 7.5 or newer), 27 megabytes of free memory, the frequency of the processor from 800 MHz.

web camera effects in skype
The program will start, most likely, withhardware data of a more modest level, but there may be problems related to the quality of communication. In order to install Skype on your mobile device running Android, you need to go to your desktop and find an application called Google Play. In the search, type Skype and click "Install".
The installation will then go into automatic mode,and you can use the application after its completion. So, the program is added, and you can open it. In case you have an account in the official services of "Windows" or Skype, you can immediately enter your login with a password, then click "Login".
If you use the service for the first time, go throughsimple registration procedure. After all the done operations, you can go to the program setup. You can optimize the program for your mobile platform.

Features Effects

Interesting effects of webcams in Skype can beget thanks to the program "SplitCam". This solution will add fun to your communication. In addition, the features of the program allow you to separate the video stream from the webcam and add special effects to the camera in the video when making calls.

You are available to change the background, a crooked mirror,distortion of the face, replacing it with another object. SplitCam makes it possible to virtually change your head to any 3D object. 3D effects look incredibly attractive. For example, it can be the head of an elephant or another animal, while it will repeat all your movements in real time.

In addition, you can appear before the interlocutor, wearing a 3D mask character of the popular movie. The program supports the playback of HD-video without losing the quality level.

You can choose any of the suggestedpermissions and record video without additional programs. With this program, you can increase and then transfer only the necessary part of the video. Reduce and increase the video by using the mouse and keyboard.

GorMedia WebCam

This program is suitable for recording video fromcamera. Sound can also be recorded. It supports the creation of an animated GIF file. In addition, you can easily add one of the effects to Skype. This solution is provided absolutely free of charge and supports working with Windows 8, 7 and XP in x64 and x86 editions.

problems with the camera in skype

So we figured out how to set up the cameraon Skype". We hope that your advice has been useful to you. Remember that the Skype program is completely free, and if you are asked for money for its use, then you are on scammers. Use only official resources.

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