How to build a sauna in the "Maincrafter" and what should it include?

In the "Maincrafter" there is a large numberFunctional structures that can be used for their intended purpose. However, no one limits you in the creative approach. The fact is that if you concentrate solely on functionality, then you very quickly get bored. That is why it is worthwhile to connect the imagination and design something unusual and interesting. One of the most impressive options, which should definitely try all Russian, Finnish, as well as other players, is a bath. After all, after a long journey through the world of "Meincraft" you should definitely wash yourself. Also, the sauna can serve as an excellent place for gathering familiar players and discussing various events in the world. Therefore, everyone should know how to build a sauna in the "Meincraft." Let's talk about this in our article.

The dressing-room

how to build a sauna in mayncecraft

If you want to learn how to build a sauna in"Maincrafter", then you should divide the process into several stages. The fact is that in reality this construction consists of different rooms, each of which performs its functions. Naturally, these functions will either be ignored or only partially embodied in your virtual bath, but there is a chance at least to preserve and convey the atmosphere. Accordingly, it is better to build a bath from a tree, because that's how it is done in all the villages of Russia. And you need to start from the waiting room, through which those who wish can go further. This is only the first step to understanding how to build a sauna in the "Maincrafter", since there is still a lot of difficult work ahead.

Room for rest

how to make a bath in maynkrafte

As you know, every good bathhouse should havea room for rest with a normal temperature, in which you can move away from the heat and return to the procedures again. And if you are thinking about how to build a bath in the "Maincrafter", then you should think about creating such a room. Naturally, there must be tables and chairs or benches so that all guests can comfortably sit, relax, eat or drink something. However, these are all only minor premises - the time to move to the most important moment in the entire process. If you are thinking about how to make a bath in "Maynkraft", then you should pay the main attention to the main thing - the steam room.

Steam Room

baths in mayncraft

Bath is a place where people come to steam. Naturally, maynecrafters also want this, because they are visiting a bathhouse that everyone can build. You definitely need to install a stove, since it is actually a symbol of a real bath. Add a few decorations, including brooms, which the players will be soaring, do not forget about the benches on which everyone will sit. This all applies exclusively to the appearance, giving the impression of a real bath in the "Meincraft." But why not do more? You will have to exert a little more effort. For example, right under the sauna place the coals and pour water on them to form a steam that will penetrate the rooms, creating an ineffable realistic atmosphere of a real steam room.

Final touches

If you want your bath was natural, thenit is necessary to make its outer part. And it's not about finishing (although it is also very important), but about the pool. After all, everyone knows that after a steam room you need to plunge into the cold pool in order to get the maximum pleasure from the process. So do not forget to excavate the pool near your bath and fill it with water. Also there is a variant of a winter bath in which instead of a pool there will be a hole, surrounded by ice and snow. This way you can create different baths. Limitations are set only by your imagination.

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