How to make page numbering in Word 2010

Page numbering is an integral partformatting and editing any text. With its help, navigation within a text file is greatly facilitated, which at times increases the comfort when searching for data. Numbering in Microsoft Office 2010 Professional is easy and straightforward. Displaying the number, its location and other important information is provided very clearly, which leads to a rapid achievement of the desired result.

How to make the page numbering in Word 2010

How to make page numbering

For staging the numbers of stanitsas, by analogy withPrevious versions of Microsoft Office, Word 2010 will require you to go to the "Insert" menu. There it is not difficult to find the necessary item with the appropriate name (it is responsible for the appearance of figures on the pages of the document). If desired, you can immediately adjust the location of the digits (left, right, center, top or bottom), their appearance and design. You can even diversify the appearance by putting, for example, the sign "-" on the right and left of the digits. At this stage, there is nothing complicated and it's easy for even a newcomer to understand it, since the Microsoft developers have made the interface very friendly, which in many ways explains the popularity of this text editor.

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How to make page numbering in Word 2010 without displaying on the first page

The first difficulties appear when necessarynumber the pages so that the figure "1" is not visible on the title page. This need is well known to students, since according to generally accepted standards for writing term papers, abstracts, diplomas and other, there should not be a serial number on the title page. To achieve this, go to the "Working with Headers and Footers" menu, where on the "Designer" tab there is an interesting "Special Footer ..." option. It is this function that answers the question of how to number the pages in Word 2010 so that the title page in the footer is empty, and the next sheet already received its legal serial number "2". By simply pressing the desired line, you remove the number, but the numbering on subsequent pages remains unchanged.

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Using a page break

Often the user faces even more difficulttask when you want to make the first two sheets without a digital binding, but the third sheet should be set to "3", and then the numbering should go to the end of the text file. In order to understand how to number the pages in Word 2010, skipping it on the first two sheets, you should first of all carry out the procedure described in the previous paragraph. Then you need to place the cursor on page two and go to the "Insert" menu and click "Page break". As a result, the first two sheets in the headers will not be visible, and the third sheet will receive the corresponding ordinal value. Having tried to implement what was written, you can notice that in practice it is still simpler than in theory: once you have done this procedure, you will repeat it with ease.


Knowing how to number the pages in Word 2010,you can quickly and easily prepare for printing various text documents, without violating their structure and without resorting to all sorts of tricks that take a lot of time.

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