How to change the theme "In Contact", or All about topics

So, today we will talk with you about howchange the subject "in contact". In addition, we will learn how to set this function and delete it. In other words, we will consider everything that can only be attributed to the design of our page in the social network. Let's start with you as soon as possible, what's what.

how to change a topic in contact

What and why?

Before changing the subject "VKontakte", it's worthto discuss with you one important point. Namely - with what we will have to deal today. Maybe the themes on social networks are some kind of computer infection? Or just a useless thing?

Themes for "Contact" are nothing more thanA great way to diversify the design of your profile. That is, if you are bored with the usual appearance of the page, then you can easily "decorate" it. True, the effort will be visible only to you. For all other users, the topics are not displayed.

So, let's try to understand with you how to change the subject "In Contact". There are several ways to do this. For each browser, it's your own.


Well, our first browser is "Explorer". Now we will learn how to install and change topics for the social network "VKontakte" through this program. In fact, it's very easy.

how to set a theme in contact

The first step that should be taken isfind a suitable design for the page. As a rule, it "shrinks" into a special code. Copy it and save it in notepad with the .css format. Now you can open the browser and think about how to change the theme "In Contact."

Here we need to find "Service", and thereselect "Internet Options." You will see a window and many tabs. We will work with the "General". Look at the "Design" section. Now, tick the "Check out with a custom style" checkbox, and then select the theme you just saved. Confirm the changes and restart the browser. Go to the social network and see what happened. If you do not know how to change the subject "VKontakte", then just replace the file with the code with a new one.


Now we'll look at another browser with you. In it the implementation of the task is somewhat different. The thing is that Mozilla Firefox requires a special application to work with themes. It's called Stylish.

Download it and install it in the browser. After that, you can think about how to change the subject "VKontakte." In fact, there is nothing complicated. When you have found the necessary design, just copy the code to the clipboard. Now go to the social network page, then find the "S" button in the lower left corner. Click on it - opens our program, which will take all the actions.

Next you need to choose "create a new style ...", and enter the homepage of the" VKontakte "site in the address field.In the box that appears, insert the code for the topic, then give it a name and save the changes. Reload the tab where the social network is open. You will see that everything turned out. But we will not dwell on this.

how to change the subject in contact


If you are thinking how to change the theme "InIn the browser "Opera", then this section was created just for you. Now we will learn this method. It differs little from all previous ones, although it has a number of features.

First of all, as in all cases, weit is necessary to choose a topic for the social network and copy its code. Save it in a separate file in .css format. Then open the browser and go to its settings. Go to the "Advanced" tab, and then select "Content" there. Click on "Customize Styles", and then select "Display Modes." Check the box next to "my list of styles", and then save the changes.

Now go to the social network page. Then right-click on it, and then look for "Edit Site Settings." Go to the "Show" box. There it is necessary to tick "My style", and after - to select the saved code of the theme in the format. Css. Confirm the changes and refresh the page. Now you know how to install the theme "In Contact". You need to change it in the same way.


So we learned how to decorate the outerprofile appearance. You know how to change the theme of "Contact" in several browsers. In other programs, the algorithm is the same - in the settings, find the layout and select the "Custom" item there. Next, you need to specify a so-called source object and save the changes.

topics for contact

The most important thing is to find something that canto please. If you get tired of the original and non-standard design of the page, then there is an excellent chance to return everything to its place. It's enough just to disable the user-style function.

However, if you forgot where this isitem, you can simply delete the source file that contains the source code. However, after this, quite often there are various errors and other malfunctions. So it's best to refrain from this method.

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