Top 10 browsers for computers

Every year there are more and more differentsystems for effective use of the Internet. By 2017, the number of computer browsers has increased noticeably. In this article, the top 10 browsers recognized by users as the most convenient, effective and fastest will be presented.

Avant Browser

Top-10 best browsers for computers opensunfairly little-known Avant Web browser. This is a fairly smart and easy browser that runs on a whole database of engines: Gecko, Webkit, and Trident. The program is entirely free of charge, as it is distributed under the GNU license. It should be noted, however, that some functions are copied by the submitted browser from other programs. So, many elements of Avant strongly resemble the structure of such well-known browsers as Mozilla and Opera. The plugins and settings of the presented browser are implemented from Internet Explorer.

The fact that Avant copies functional elementsmany other web browsers, does not mean that the program is irrelevant or "second-rate". On the contrary, combining all the best components from more well-known browsers, Avant forms a very good option for Internet access. Moreover, the program contains a number of original merits, which should definitely be noted. So, it is necessary to distinguish the following points:

  • the main advantage of the browser is an incredibly low level of consumption of system resources;
  • in the browser, ad blocking is installed by default;
  • there is an opportunity to quickly make a screenshot of pages of sites;
  • there is a possibility of a quick transition to popular domains;
  • the interface is very easy to configure - for users it is possible to install about 30 different skins;
  • the browser instantly starts up.

Thus, Avant takes an honorable tenth place in the top 10 best browsers for computers.

Pale Moon Browser

Ninth in the top 10 browsers forcomputers it is necessary to put a little-known, but very high-quality web-browser Pale Moon ("Pale Moon"). Just note that this browser is based on the source code from the famous Mozilla-browser.

The main feature of the "Pale Moon", and at the same timetime its main advantage is the presence of a whole set of internal improvements. Thanks to a number of specific features of the presented web browser, the use of the Internet will be much more convenient and effective. Pale Moon runs on the latest processor with a high-quality instruction set of SSE2 type, and therefore the program's performance is very high even in comparison with large browsers.

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What is the difference between Pale Moon and Fierfox? Because of what reasons should you give preference to the browser in question? It is necessary to distinguish the following differences between the "lunar" browser:

  • there is no parental control and Active X functionality;
  • the function of scanning files after downloading is disabled;
  • added the function of previewing tabs with their active switching;
  • requires a fairly modern processor.

Thus, the web browser Pale Moonis a pretty good alternative to the Mozilla browser. The main feature of the "lunar browser" is the absence of all unnecessary and unnecessary details that could significantly impede the effective use of the Internet. In this case, the program itself works only on computers with fairly powerful technical characteristics. As a result, Pale Moon occupies an honorable ninth place in the top 10 best browsers for computers.


In the eighth place, the top 10 popular browsers forcomputers is very easy and quick web browser Qupzilla. The main advantage of this Czech browser is high-quality optimization for almost any platform. Qupzilla is an incredibly light and simple program. If the main purpose of the user is to view text documents on the Internet, rather than working with heavy applications, then the presented browser is the best option.

What is the difference between the program andother web applications? Yes, practically nothing. All the same icons, tabs, history and system of downloads - in this respect, the developers of Qup do not try to shine with originality. When planning Qupzilla, the company of Czech Internet technologists and programmers tried to rely, first of all, on the goal of creating the speed and functionality of the application. The browser has a quality adblock, which allows you to effectively block any ads. And thanks to the built-in Reader RSS, users of the web browser in question will be able to timely learn the latest news. Among other things, the browser has a shortcut function. The user will be able to quickly and easily equip the browser's homepage with their preferences.

Why Quipzilla is on the eighthplace in the top 10 Internet browsers? Firstly, this observer is not very well known among the citizens of Russia. Secondly, it still has a number of significant shortcomings, which should be corrected as soon as possible. So, the main disadvantages of the browser are the lack of frequent updates and not the most aesthetic appearance.


In seventh place in the top 10 PC browsersis a very old, but quite high-quality columnist K-Meleon. This program should probably be remembered by every person who actively used the Internet in the early 2000s. The introduced browser was born in 2001, and still is not inferior in popularity to many, even the most famous and modern web browsers. What is the reason for the high quality of this product? First, constant updates. K-Meleon is constantly being modernized. The browser works on the same engine as Mozilla, but it has significant differences from the latter. The main and most important difference is the possibility of economical use of computer resources.

The browser, unlike many of its competitors,requires very little: just a small part of the RAM and a small expenditure of the processor. Another important advantage of the K-Meleon web browser is the ability to use the native PC interface. Thanks to this simple function, resources and time that can be spent on the interface are very cool. Improves the speed and quality of work. Any user is able to personalize the browser for themselves - and all thanks to a wonderful system of macros.

Why K-Meleon is only in seventh place inTop 10 browsers for PC? First, a significant disadvantage of the presented web browser is a very simple, and therefore not the most aesthetic design. Secondly, the program has a number of minor errors: for example, incorrect reflection of texts, pictures, etc. However, all problems are corrected in time with the help of timely updates.

Yandex Browser

It is worth finally going to the list of more famousprograms. On the sixth place in the top 10 browsers for the PC is the famous "Yandex.Browser", released not so long ago - only in 2012. What is the difference between this web browser and what advantages and disadvantages does it have?

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The first thing that should be highlighted is reallyhigh level of security. The program very accurately and thoroughly checks all downloads and files for the presence of any malicious elements. Pick up some computer virus when working with "Yandeks.Brauserom" will not be so simple: a competently built verifying mechanism reliably protects the user from harm.

The web browser has a few greatadditions. This is a quality ad blocker, and stylish chips like "backlight for video," "reading mode," etc. Add-ons can be turned off at any time. It is also worth noting that the browser has a very high-quality translator that is in no way inferior to the system from "Google".

Now it is worth moving on to the shortcomings of the program,which clearly illustrates why "Yandex.Browser" is in sixth place in the top 10 browsers of 2017. The first and most important disadvantage of the browser is the obsession from Yandex. The same search string, hated by many "Yandex.Bar" - all this can significantly spoil the impression of, in general, quite a good browser. The second drawback is related to possible problems that can arise when viewing the history. However, timely updates of the program allow a qualitative correction of the situation.


In fifth place is the most "dangerous" andan Internet browser hated by the authorities of many states. TOR is known to many users of the Internet network, first of all, its ability to bypass a large number of locks and prohibitions. The program under consideration allows people to enter the so-called "black Internet" - a place not accessible to everyone.

The TOR browser is a kind of aggregatetools, allowing to ensure the safety of the user when viewing any pages of the Internet. The presented observer is able to provide the citizen full anonymity in any work on the Web. TOR is similar to Fierfox. This is enhanced support, a wide range of settings, high-quality confidentiality, and so on.

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This browser is unlikely to be needed by an ordinaryInternet user. So, if there is a top-10 fast browser for the PC, TOR would definitely have taken the last place in it. This is a very sluggish, slow and almost not optimized program. However, this major drawback is compensated by high-quality security of use, a wide range of settings and the ability to get to even the darkest corners of the Internet.

As a rule, TOR is launched from a USB flash drive. Only in this case, no one will be able to learn about the possibility of using any citizen of this program. Another question is whether all this is necessary for an ordinary web user. A law-abiding citizen is unlikely to deal with secret data or little-known pages. It is because of this poorly optimized for PCs, but a very secure TOR ranks fifth in the top 10 browsers in 2016 or 2017.

Mozilla Firefox

The fourth place in the top browsers for "Windows 10"(or versions a little older) takes the famous Mozilla Firefox. As of 2017, the web browser used by tens of millions of people in a variety of countries. It is a constantly updated and modernizing program. It is this factor that makes the browser so high-quality. What other advantages of the application should be called?

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The named web browser is very flexible andan effective program for working on the Internet. Despite the somewhat outdated concept, unpretentious design and minor errors in the work, the browser in question can boast of the following features:

  • Extensive, incomparable with any other browsersystem of settings. There is almost everything that would allow an ordinary Internet user to tailor the web browser to their individual preferences.
  • Convenient and aesthetically pleasing interface. Despite some old-fashionedness, as well as the separation of URl from the search field, the appearance of the web browser still remains very attractive and interesting.
  • The presence of more than 100 thousand plug-ins.
  • The browser runs on absolutely any platform.
  • Reliability and safety. Firefox is often the leader in comparison with other browsers when it comes to blocking malicious information.
  • The most convenient initial panel.
  • The web browser is updated in the background.

In the top browsers 2017 (for Windows 10, 8 or 7)Firefox browser is only the fourth place, although ten years ago it would have exactly taken the first one. What is the reason? Of course, this is the emergence of new, more advanced and modern Internet browsers. In addition, Firefox has a significantly outdated engine. However, all these factors do not prevent millions of users from staying on this platform.

Microsoft Edge

Web browser Edge has replaced an old oneInternet Explorer, not noticed by users for many years. Edge is quite rightly placed in third place in the top browsers. For Windows 10, the Edge Web browser is one of the best options. This program with a very nice interface, extensive functionality and a wide range of settings. It is the complete merger with the tenth "Windows" that makes the presented browser one of the most high-quality and reliable products of the recent time. What are the advantages of Microsoft Edge here?

  • Reading mode. Of course, this function is far from fresh. However, Edge in this respect has absolutely surpassed all of its competitors. Here and the opportunity to emphasize the text in a variety of colors, and the preservation of information, and the ability to quickly get rid of all the interfering elements. The developers of the browser in question did a really big and high-quality work.
  • Speed. By dropping all obsolete standards, Edge developers have created a new engine that allows the browser to work faster than even Chrome.
  • Voice Assistant. Cortana will soon arrive in Russia. However, for English-speaking users this is a real discovery and one of the most demanded functions.

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However, Edge has a number of shortcomings, because ofwhich the web browser in question is only in third place in the top 10 browsers for Windows 7, 8 or 10. So, it is necessary to highlight not the most usual and convenient design, and also the banal absence of extensions. The developers nevertheless promise to correct all existing problems in the very near future.


The second place in the top browsers for Windows 10, 8or 7 takes the well-known Opera Web browser. The program has been more than 23 years, however, for all this time it is only gaining momentum and is becoming more popular. All this is happening, of course, thanks to constant and timely updates, allowing a qualitative upgrade of the browser.

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The presented web-browser has both a number of advantages and a number of significant shortcomings. It is worth starting with the advantages of the browser. Here it is necessary to highlight the following points:

  • The browser supports the turbo modedue to cloud technologies. Thanks to this, any pages, tabs and files are displayed very quickly and easily. Here it is worth noting significant traffic savings.
  • Link technology allows you to synchronize the data on a wide variety of devices.
  • There are a number of hotkeys that greatly simplify the management process.
  • The web browser has a very convenient express bar with all sorts of saved bookmarks.
  • "Opera" does not require high computer characteristics, it is able to work with a small amount of RAM.

At the same time, the browser has some disadvantages, because of which it is only on the second place in the top 10 browsers:

  • Without a download history, the user is not able towork with the same browser for a long time. Just with the downloads from the "Opera" and there are a lot of problems. Despite constantly released updates, the presented web browser still contains a number of shortcomings in the work of scripts, WML forms, downloads and some other elements.
  • "Opera" has a peculiar system of bookmarks,called a "piggy bank". Despite the fact that the decision itself is quite interesting, the poor implementation of this function does not allow it to be fully convenient and qualitative.

Thus, Opera remains one of the best browsers in the world, but not without flaws.

Google Chrome

Of course, it is "Chrome" is recognized as the bestweb browser from all existing. It entered the top browsers of 2016 for Windows 10, 8 or 7. And, of course, it's very deserved: it's really a quality and effectively implemented product used by millions of people around the world. It can not be said that "Chrome" is a browser without flaws.

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It also occasionally slows down and requires a largeamount of RAM. However, all the advantages of the presented observer completely cover all possible disadvantages. Here is what it is worth highlighting:

  • really high speed of work;
  • reliability and safety, implemented by the newest technologies;
  • presence of the regime "incognito";
  • nice interface;
  • stable operation without strong brakes;
  • wide toolkit;
  • presence of voice assistant;
  • constant updates carried out in the background, and therefore do not interfere with the user's work;
  • automatic translation of pages into the required language

... and many other functions. Chrome is really a quality browser. Most users do not even need to prove it, it's already installed on most PCs.

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