The program for creating characters. MakeHuman - 3D-constructor for creating characters

The market of video games and 3D animation is actively developing. In connection with this, the number of software tools for developing various models and designs is also growing. The article will discuss the MakeHuman application.


MakeHuman is a program for creating characters, which can then be used in various games or videos. Distributed software for free under the AGPL3 license.

The program is focused on the fastestcreation of character models, including 3D anime. The entire process is organized in the form of mixing and setting various attributes. Due to them, the final image is drawn from the template.

the program for creating characters

Managed attributes can be conditionally divided intotwo groups: macros and detailing. The first is responsible for the general characteristics of the character: sex, age, height, weight and ethnicity. Detailing allows you to fine-tune many small objects: fingers, eyes, ears, and so on.

With the help of special libraries for MakeHuman you can give the final character a certain pose, create a 3D animation, choose a hairstyle, shoes and much more.

A little about system requirements and installation

There are no special strict configuration requirements. The amount of free disk space required 500 MB. Since this is a program for creating characters, it is better to use not a weak video card, preferably released after 2006.

To install the program in Windows it is enough to download the archive from the official site and unpack it to the desired folder. As such, installation is not required, MakeHuman can run even with a USB flash drive.

anime 3d

For MAC OS, you need to download the DMG image, mount it and drag it to the application folder.

The most thorny way of installation will be the lineLinux. For distributions based on Debian, you will need to connect PPA. Since repositories can change with the appearance of new versions, their current address can be obtained on the official website of the project. In distributions other than Debian, you will have to use the sources.

Configuration and settings

The MakeHuman character creation program has a large number of different options and settings. To see them, go to the Settings tab and open the sub-panel General.

On the left is the Slider Behavior block, which contains:

  • Update real-time. This option redraws the shape after each change. It should be noted that its inclusion will require increased consumption of computer resources.
  • Update normal real time. Update the normals for each change. Also contributes to increase the "gluttony" of the program.
  • Fit objects in real time. In the process of transformation, all objects - teeth, hair, eyes, etc. - will be installed and repainted.
  • Autozoom camera. Centering and approaching the camera on the edited object. Gives convenience in development. However, it can interfere with detailed modeling. Therefore, by default, the option is disabled.
  • Slider images. Displays the preview screens for the applied effects. Hiding them will lead to saving the work area.

The next block - Units - is responsible for the units of measurement. It can have two values ​​- metric or SI (meters, centimeters) and royal (feet, inches).

3d animations

The Startup block determines what to do at startupprograms. Contains only two options: Preload macro targets and Restore windows size. The first is responsible for preloading models. It can greatly slow down the load time if the project has not been compiled before. The second simply remembers the window sizes, restoring them at the subsequent start.

Theme and Language blocks define the theme and language of the program, respectively.

Workspace interface

At the top of the window is a toolbar. It allows you to open, create models, change position, add faces.

Slightly below are tabs and sub-tabs with options and settings.

The main working area is in focus,which is the model. To the left and to the right of it are options panels. Below the working area is the scale of progress. The bottom part is an information panel with information about the field, weight, height and other information.

Main Control Panel

It is logically divided into 6 sections. Each of them determines the scope of the elements located in them. Description will go from left to right:

  • The first three icons are to open, save andexport. All of them, in one way or another, are associated with files. With the first two everything is clear. But export allows you to save the created model in a separate format for integration into other projects.
  • Block editing. It is present in almost all programs. Responsible for rollback of changes, their return, and also reset to the initial state.
  • Block view. This is nothing more than a method of mapping. Contains icons for transition to the smoothed, wireframe and background mode.
  • Block of symmetry. You can adjust the location of the model relative to the axis.
  • Camera placement unit. Contains presets for moving the camera to the desired part.
  • The last block includes background information.


In the program for creating characters MakeHuman there are a huge number of tabs with a variety of options and attributes:

  • Files. Here you can find all the elements that relate to working with files: creating, saving, downloading the last ones used.
  • Modeling. Contains all the options and settings necessary for direct simulation.
  • Geometries. This field includes presets for imposing separate objects of geometry: hair, clothes, eyes and much more.
  • Materials. Contains materials available for used objects.
  • Pose / Animate. Tools for giving the animation model and pos.
  • Rendering. Options for visualizing the model.
  • Settings - program settings. This menu has already been discussed above.
  • Utilites. There are additional utilities.
  • Help - help.

First samples

Then follow a little instruction how to start modeling the simplest model in the program for creating 3D characters.

3d character creation program

All work takes place in the tabs below the panelmanagement. When you open the program to create 3D MakeHuman characters in the work area, the default model will be displayed. However, it looks like a blank, without any features or nuances. It is worth considering how to give the model an individuality.


Strangely enough, the default model is deliveredwithout any hair and other vegetation. To add them to the person's head, you need to go to the tab Geometries, the sub-tab Hair. There are several predefined hair patterns. In the program you can create your own or download and import ready-made.


The Clothes tab contains several sets of clothes. You can experiment by dressing the model in some things, then in others.

Body constructions

The Modeling tab contains a set of settings forconfiguring body parameters. Main - these are the main characteristics of the type of sex, age, muscles, weight, height and others. Gender is responsible for the key parameters of the differences between the female and male body. Face allows you to fine tune the characteristics of a person, up to exact correspondence with the original, if any. You can install everything, even options such as the angle of the chin lift.

makehuman in Russian

Torso is responsible for the parameters of the person. Body weight, the presence of muscles, vertical dimensions and many other interesting installations.

A separate line is the parameters of the hands and feet. Very fine tuning allows you to create absolutely any image: at least an athlete, even a man of lean physique.

In the end, you can create a visualization of the developed model in the form of a picture, on which the resulting creation is studied in the actual form.

program for creating anime characters on your computer

Installation of new material options

If the user has downloaded from a separate siteready material, then it can be applied in the model. For example, clothes consist of several files, with different extensions. In order for the program to access a new object, you need to put these files in a certain folder on the path MakeHumanv1dataclothes. After this, new objects appear in the "Materials" section of the application.

Interesting features of the program

Not so long ago localization of MakeHuman appeared in Russian. To change it, you need to go to Language in the settings and select the required parameter. The interface will change after the program is restarted.

Bright opportunities to create anime 3D openalmost unlimited space for creativity. MakeHuman is actively used to create simple three-dimensional games. This is helped by the mechanism for integrating 3D animation into the program.

iclone studio

MakeHuman supports the transfer of data to other similar tools. For example, you can export a model to IClone Studio.

The program has a largecommunity. In it you can find out the latest news, solve an emerging problem or find a ready object, for example, hair, clothes and stuff. This helps beginners quickly get comfortable with MakeHuman.


The fact that the program to create anime characterson the computer MakeHuman is absolutely free, as well as its relative undemanding to the resources of the personal computer has made it possible to find the application very popular among beginners and ordinary users, as well as with professional specialists.

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