Anniversary (Tomb Raider): system requirements and game review

Anniversary is one of the parts in the Tomb seriesRaider. System requirements and review of the project from the studio Crystal Dynamics, which created a remake of the game, released in 1996, you can see in the article.

Interesting offer

Any task will always find its performer. Only here is how it will be performed, depends on how much the performer understands this. For example, Lara Croft is well versed in archeology, and a certain Natla Technologes company needs a powerful artifact for research. To whom they need to turn, the answer is obvious.

tomb raider system requirements

In 1996, when Lara Croft was vacationing in India,it was found by an old acquaintance - the mercenary Larson Conway. He organizes her video communication with the head of the above-mentioned company Jacqueline Natla, who, dexterously pulling the levers of a girl's pride, hires her to search for the legacy of Atlantis.

That's all, Lara in action, and her first stop -Republic of Peru. True, if she had not been so absorbed in the matter of her life, she might have suspected that the sharp-pointed aunt had far from benevolent plans for the artifact.

New opportunities

Let the game Tomb Raider: Anniversary and is a remake of the very first adventure of Lara Croft, there are differences between them, and they are obvious. Take at least a new element of the gameplay - self-targeting. This is very convenient - you can shoot, constantly being in motion, and the red sight will never disengage from the enemy.

tomb raider game

And how do you use the technology of Quick Time Events, which ina certain moment slows down the time, allowing the heroine for a short sketch to reverse the course of the battle in his favor? A special ability, thanks to which Lara can escape from a powerful attack, causing a retaliatory shot? However, for this you must first fill the adrenaline scale. But still a useful thing.

The acrobatics of the heroine also grew. Using the environment, the girl is able to demonstrate many tricks. She runs, jumps and climbs the walls, clinging to the ledges. Now she has a special hook with which she can travel long distances or just go over the wall. And of course, all the movements of the heroine at this time look more realistic.

Just look how great she balances on her leg when she jumps from one post to the other! Honestly, sometimes, watching what is happening on the screen, you ask yourself: "Is she an archaeologist?"

It will not be easy

tomb raider pc

To fulfill the assignment, the heroine will have tovisit four countries, i.e. four levels, which, in turn, will be divided into sublevels. Locations are large, they are easy to get lost. And this, unfortunately, is not the only difficulty.

Sometimes to go to the next areathe developers propose to solve the puzzle. Some of them are simple, but more often they come in difficult. Although this is an absolutely individual opinion - for certain it's like cracking some nuts.

 tomb raider anniversary

Each location is for the heroineplace of increased danger. Accidentally break from the cliff - it's only half the trouble. To be killed by wild animals, as its conductor at the very beginning, that's even worse.

Wolves, gorillas, bats, panthers, tigers, bears and even tyrannosaurs - they are all dissatisfied with the appearance of a stranger.

Graphics and sound

Now, as far as the technical side is concernedgames. It was developed for all platforms. And although it's more convenient to play on the console in Tomb Raider, PC owners will be able to deliver improved graphics settings and enjoy higher detail.

Do not forget about the additional,Only computer graphics enhancements, such as widescreen resolution. So at the time of the release of the game Tomb Raider system requirements were already quite high.

And the heroine herself began to look better. Of course, she is still just like a dummy, and instead of clothes she has some kind of body art. But it has become rounder, and from this a little more humane, or something.

With the sound, too, everything turned out exactly. Animals growl, water drips, Lara Croft screams in pain - everything sounds exactly as it should sound. The creators were not even too lazy to adjust the sound to the environment. Of course, now it will not be paid attention to, but then this technique caused pleasant sensations.

And finally, the interface. There are, unfortunately, uncomfortable moments in it:

  1. The game is more suitable for running on PS2 than on the computer. A gamepad is much easier to control than a keyboard and mouse.
  2. A capricious camera sometimes takes on the most unpleasantforeshortening, because of which the girl often jumps up to the ledge or slides, in general, dies. It's a shame, considering that the system of conservation extends only to specially designated places.

tomb raider

Tomb Raider: System Requirements

It is easy to guess that now with the launch of thisVirtually any computer can cope with the game. By the way, it's worth using this, if before there was no way to play this part of Tomb Raider. System requirements are ridiculous. For a comfortable game will need Windows, Pentium 4 or Athlon 64 with a frequency of 3000 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and video card GeForce 6 series or Radeon 9 series.


In general, the game Tomb Raider: Anniversary is not bad even today. Moderately interesting, moderately dynamic, moderately manageable and perfectly optimized. The only thing that she now lags behind in the visual plan. But if someone does not want to play it only because of the non-modern graphics, it can cause only bewilderment.

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