Quan Chi - a character from the game Mortal Kombat

From the underworld universe Mortal Kombat came outmany cunning creatures, full of meanness and anger. But none of them can compare to a sorcerer named Quan Chi. Unlike other characters, he never acts independently. It is easier for him to resurrect warriors, summon ghosts, or use another similar method to achieve the goal.

The necromancer has many unsolved mysteries. No one knows why he needs an army of ghosts. And most importantly - no one can explain the character's involvement in the deadly battle.

Description of sorcerer

Historically, the sorcerer has neveracted independently. Weaving intrigues, conspiracies, calling ghosts and creatures from the underworld - these are the main principles by which Quan Chi is guided. "Mortal Kombat" is literally full of characters with their ruthless and mean ways, but none of them more than a necromancer does not appreciate vampirism, no one can masterfully use black magic.

kuan chi
Witchcraft is used by the character toto work on the opponent's mind. As a result, he does damage to himself. Also in the process of fighting, the magic of necromancers is used. So flying skeletons, skulls or gargoyles attack instead of the sorcerer.

The character we describe has brightexpressed protective qualities. He is able to create a barrier against magical attacks. Also, he can block the abilities of the enemy. Despite the fact that most of the tricks are to use magic, the sorcerer is good in melee combat.

Talking about how to get Kuang Chi, a gamer does notwill have to do something unusual. He can choose it in standard form, unlike, for example, from Goro. In the 10th part of the game it will be available only to those players who will make a reservation.

Battle Modes

The 10th part of the "Mortal Kombat" universe hasseveral differences from previous versions. For example, heroes can fight in different ways. Like the rest of the characters, Quan Chi can use one of three combat modes:

  1. Witch. In this case, the necromancer calls the skull from the underworld, can create defensive or overwhelming fields around itself or the enemy, respectively.
  2. Warlock. Now the magician has a weapon - a sword, endowed with special power. He can also open portals, moving on them independently. So it becomes possible to strike from the back. If you open the portal under the enemy, then he falls, then appears from above. In this case, you can hold a combo of techniques or a normal attack.
  3. Summoner. Based on the name, it is logical to assume that the sorcerer will call for help from demons from the other world. And not only the summoned creatures will be able to attack, but also the necromancer himself.

kuan chi mortal battalion commander
There is no coercion regarding the choice of regime, butit can not be changed until the end of the battle. The gamer independently decides what abilities he needs depending on the specific enemy, a particular situation in the battle or according to personal preferences.

Behavior of the character in battle

Quan Chi is a pretty slow character. Many gamers even compare it with Ermak. Sometimes from hands the so-called magic dust which allows during the block to push out the opponent is issued, completely to deprive of its possibility to strike. If the enemy beats during normal defense, then the minimum number of health points goes away.

When applying a special technique thatbecomes available after a set of a certain number of points, you must not allow the presence of a block from the enemy. In this case, the damage level is very low. The player will only waste his accumulated points.

mortal kombat mk
Also there is a possibility to deprive the opponent for a short timeopportunities to use their techniques. Only standard attacks will be available to him. Experienced gamers use it when there are few health points left.

In principle, the sorcerer is strong enough: if you learn combos techniques and bundles, then the opponent will not have a chance.


What is Quan Chi capable of? Techniques developers decided to leave the same - the same as in earlier versions of the game. Is that made some changes and a little replenished their number. The main ones are:

  • theft of weapons;
  • throwing weapons;
  • The throwing of a skull called from the other world;
  • tackle;
  • jump throw;
  • teleport with a punch.

But every experienced gamer knows that the usualone-time receptions do not cause significant harm. Moreover, they make the battle boring and uninteresting. Use of bundles of blows is much more productive.

kuan chi techniques
As indicated, the sorcerer is slower than the majorityother characters. Therefore, the player will have to anticipate the opponent's behavior in order to put the blocks on time. But if you fight against the necromancer and let him take matters into his own hands, then defeat will be obvious.


Before the death of one of the characters at the enda titre appears on the screen: "Finish him / her". Now the players have a few seconds to press a certain key combination. If everything is done correctly, it will be possible to enjoy the key final action in the game Mortal Kombat (MK).

Each character, as well as Quan Chi, does hisfatalities. There are two kinds of this action: accessible from the very beginning and secret. The second can be obtained by spending a lot of time in battles. For battles, the player receives gold, which he can later exchange to open a secret fatality.

how to get kuan chi
In the 10th part of the game, if after the end of the battlewins Quan Chi, then you need to click on D, A, D, A, L, being far from the stricken opponent. Then the character will make his basic fatalities. With the help of magic, he creates a sword, to which the enemy goes himself (therefore the reception is called "the play of the mind"). Approaching the point close, he begins to swallow it. Then Quan Chi raises his opponent, leaving the sword in its original position. As a result, it cuts in half along the body. Bloody spectacle, but the whole game is built on ruthless fights.

To perform secret fatalities, you must press S,D, A, D, I, being close to the opponent. It is called "two ends". Quan Chi opens two portals on either side of itself. He throws an opponent into him, holding his leg. Then in the second portal, Kuang Chi catches his hand, and then closes both "windows". The opponent again tears in half, but now across the body.


It can not be said that Quan Chi is the strongest heroin the MC, but he certainly is not weak. Thanks to the black magic and skillful knowledge of necromancy, he can not leave his opponent no chance of winning. But the victory of the sorcerer is possible only if the player will train hard and practice the bundles of blows. Then the black magician, along with the servants called from the underworld, will chafe.

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