Is it worth buying a laser printer?

In recent years, users havea kind of stereotype that a laser printer is not worth buying for home use. As a rule, for these needs, jet analogs are purchased. Buying such a device, many are guided by the fact that it has a small cost, consumables also do not frighten their dearness, and the filling does not constitute anything supernatural.

laser printer

However, this stereotype is often nota good reason. In some cases, the laser printer is suitable for home use much better than the jet. Do not overpay and buy a color device, but black and white will be just right. The choice of a laser printer is based on a number of criteria.

Let's start with the price policy. I agree with the fact that inkjet printers are several times cheaper than laser printers. Even if you buy a color device, its cost will be several times less than a black and white laser. But now I want to draw your attention to the fact that filling a laser printer will cost a penny compared to the price of a cartridge for your cheap colleague. After all, often the total cost of these supplies is the full price of the new device in the collection.

refilling of a laser printer

The next point is that you mustdecide for yourself whether you really need a full-color print? For example, you can take a maximum of twenty copies in A4 format, after which the cartridge will need to be refilled. And good quality photos should not be expected from budget devices.

According to statistics, most buyers of jetcount on photo printing. However, after a short period of time, they are disappointed in the quality of such photos, as well as in a very small resource. As a result, this device will become an ordinary slow black and white printer. He will require a monthly refueling, and if you print a lot, then you need to fill it up even more often. Therefore, if you can do without color printing, better buy a black and white laser printer right away.

choice of laser printer

As for the speed, here the inkjetdevices do not even stand close to laser ones. The average print speed of the latter is about seventeen pages per minute, and inkjet at the best is half as much. Hence it follows that if the speed criterion is important for you, then the laser printer is the only applicant.

Now a few words about the quality of the press. Here it is fair to say that this aspect is approximately the same for both "experimental".

Noise is much less for laser devices,but their security is lame. The thing is that these devices are not printed with paint, but with a special toner, which is a powder. So, at the time of printing, its particles scatter throughout the room and fall into the lungs of those who are nearby. For this reason, this room should be ventilated as often as possible.

In terms of convenience, inkjet printers haveone drawback. If it is not used for a long time, the ink in the cartridge may dry out. If it does not work out, you'll have to buy a new cartridge.

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