How to make eyebrows thicker: useful tips

Who does not like the thick, graceful eyebrows givinglook expressiveness? But, unfortunately, only some girls are satisfied with their eyes. Rare and thin hairs, dull, neglected appearance - all this separates us from the dream. About how to make the eyebrows thicker, and our conversation will go.

how to make the eyebrows thicker
First of all, it is worth noting that behind themmust be carefully monitored. 10-15 minutes a day you will not be killed, but the path to beauty will become much shorter. Nutrition is your number one step. With the help of special creams and oils, it is possible to transfer to the roots the necessary substances to accelerate the growth of hairs and strengthen them. Step number two - scratching, for this can even come up with an ordinary toothbrush. Wide, thick, fused eyebrows, too, will not make your look expressive. To avoid this, it is necessary to carry out correction with the help of special tweezers.

To solve this problem, you can turn toprofessional make-up artist, through which the desired result can be achieved in one procedure, and you can do it yourself. Of course, you will need more time, but the result will be effective and, if not neglected, long-term.

make the eyebrows thicker
So, how to make eyebrows thicker at home? To do this, various means are suitable: masks, compresses. Do not forget to feed the hairs with vitamins. Often used castor (burdock or other of your choice) oil for the growth of eyebrows. To do this, it can be poured into an old flacon from the carcass (previously well washed) or applied to the hairs with a cotton pad. To conduct a similar procedure should be every day. You can use a blank disc to remove excess oil.

To the question: "How to make the eyebrows thicker?""- will help to respond and folk medicine. Use special compresses, saturated with vitamins. For example, you can take any oil for hair growth, mix it with vodka in a ratio of one to one, use a cotton pad to apply the product on the eyebrows, leave for several hours. At this time you can do your favorite things, and such care will not cause any inconvenience.

eyebrow growth oil
Make eyebrows thicker will also help specialmask. They simply do, and the result will be effective. The simplest recipe is a mask of marigold, which you need to insist on vodka during the day (the required ratio is one to ten), then dilute one to one with boiled water, attach to the eyebrows for an hour, and at this time you can do household chores. It is advisable to repeat the procedure three times a week.

How to make eyebrows thicker with the help of professional cosmetics? For this purpose it is suitable:

  • tattooing (only in salons);
  • pencil (helps to give the necessary volume and density of hair, but you need to constantly "paint" eyebrows).

Obviously, of all the methods, the most reliable -strengthening of hairs with the help of natural care products. The effect will last for a long time, you will be satisfied and, if not throw, you will be able to forget about the "paints" forever. Finally, it must be said that when performing care procedures, especially the use of oils, it is worth abandoning carcasses and other cosmetic products, as they slow the appearance of results and reduce the effectiveness of the means.

Now you know how to make the eyebrows thicker. In what way - it's up to you!

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