How to know when to cut nails

Everybody knows: if you strongly believe in something, then it will come true. Probably, this is the basis for all the signs and superstitions: are you expecting something bad after you had to return home? So, this will necessarily happen, because you will focus on the little things, waiting for at least some trouble. The subconscious mind is arranged in such a way that it allows you to embody both fears and positive expectations into reality. The main thing is to adjust yourself to the right wave, and good events will go one after another.

When to cut nails
You can start small: just choose the right time when cutting your nails. Since the XVI century it is believed that a person can become successful if he learns to do a manicure on Mondays. True, there are other signs: many believe that cutting nails on Tuesdays will help improve the well-being of a person, and if they are put in order on Thursdays, they will grow faster. In addition, astrologers believe that a manicure made on Wednesday will cause good news, and on Saturday - promises a meeting with a person who loves you. Even if you do not really believe in omens, it's best not to cut your nails on Friday and Sunday.

Nail clippers
Those who want to have long and strong nailsplate, it is worth knowing when to cut your nails. If speed of their growth is important to you, then it is better to do it on the growing moon, and if you dream of strong, firm nails, then wait until it starts to decrease. This is due to the fact that the celestial body, located 400 thousand km from the Earth, affects various processes in the human body. Even in our time, hardly anyone will be able to argue: it is better to cut hair and nails to the coming moon, if you want them to grow quickly.

Many do not believe in superstition and believe thatit does not matter when to cut your nails. Perhaps all lies in the subconscious: skeptical people do not work with signs, but those who believe, in most cases everything is done. For example, you cut off marigolds on Tuesday, knowing that it promises a profit. And it will not keep you waiting: a small premium, "kagar" for work, a successful transaction or an unforeseen profitable order will be guaranteed. The main thing is to believe that this will happen.

haircut of nails
But if you missed the day when you cut your nails,then do not wait for the next week. Manicure should be done regularly, so that the fingers look neat and tidy. After all, it is the hands that can tell you whether you are following yourself: regardless of length, it is necessary that the marigolds are accurately filed, underneath, there should be no dirt under them. Do not forget about it, make it so that the haircut of nails becomes a ritual that will bring you a lot of fun.

With special care it is necessary to follow andfingers of their children. It's not so important on which day you will take care of their marigolds, the main thing is to make them short and non-injurious, and the process of circumcision turns into a fun game of counting fingers or collecting trimmed marigolds. You can during the procedure sing-song to tell thematic poems or nursery rhymes.

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