What is the hair style for round faces?

Owners of a round face oftenget upset, thinking that they are ugly. But no matter how you look, learn how to turn your shortcomings into virtues. Nowadays it is very simple: there are many cosmetic products and beauty salons that will help you cope with such difficulties. In this article, we will analyze which hairstyles will suit women with a round face shape. To make sure that you have a really round face, measure with a ruler the distance from the forehead to the chin, it should equal the distance between the cheekbones.

what will a hairstyle for a round face

Hide the shortcomings

Owners of a round face shape needtry to visually extend it, for example, you can make a small fringe to the middle of the forehead and refrain from direct selection. With the help of a short hairstyle, you can also "lengthen the face", while it is necessary that it expand from the ears to the top and has an additional volume on the crown. If the perspective of short haircuts is not interesting to you, then a straight hairstyle to the shoulders with an open forehead will do. Very often women make mistakes, frantically searching for the answer to the question of what a hairstyle for round faces will suit, and allow ridiculous gaffes, which, instead of "extending" the face, on the contrary, emphasize its rounded shape. Below are tips for choosing a hairstyle, with a round face matching perfectly:

what hairstyle will suit

  • if you have curvy hair, then use lacquers and gels to minimize the volume;
  • Do not do a strong wave - it visually expands the face;
  • do not comb the hair back;
  • if your height is more than 170 cm, then refrain from short hairstyles, they give your figure thinness and visually increase growth;
  • if you have a short neck, then make a choice in the line of high hairstyles - they will not only smooth the roundness of the face, but also make the neck longer.

What is the ideal hair style for round faces? These are haircuts and stylings that can distract attention from the face itself, containing elements of multilayeredness and strands of different lengths. The effect of multi-layering is better done on medium and long hair. Haircuts with strands of different lengths will visually build a round face. If you have curly curly hair by nature, then, using mousse, you can slightly level them, leaving small waves. With a curl you need to be careful, it is recommended only if your hair is longer than the chin level.

hairstyles with a round face

Looking for your style

Which is suitable for a round hairstyle forshort hair? The best option is a kind of haircut "Bob", in which the hair behind is shorter than the front. And the front hair has a smaller volume. What is the hairstyle for round faces for long hair? With long hair it is easier to visually stretch out your face. Any hairstyles containing cascades and multilayeredness will do. Small waves on such hair will help to avoid accent on the face. What hairstyle is suitable for any length of hair? A universal haircut will be a shag (a haircut with elements of easy disintegration). Hair from behind with such a hairstyle will be longer than the front. And the latter, in turn, starting from the chin, will descend in the form of small cascades (from shorter to longer strands). The presence of an oblique bang is mandatory. Relatively bang should be added that for the fair sex with a round face it is worth avoiding thick and long straight bangs.

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