Hairstyles of the 19th century with their own hands - tips

Modern styling tools allow you to createalmost any hairstyle with their own hands quickly and easily. Stylists come up with new haircuts, but the girls again turn to the classics to give the image the femininity that the lady had in the 19th century.

hairstyles of the 19th century

What were the hairstyles in the century before last?

Hairstyles of the 19th century are popular nowadays thanks toits refinement and laconism. In contrast to the 18th century, when on the heads of high society ladies of high society half a meter heaps of chignons, ringlets and fleeces were created (according to rumors, mice and cockroaches were inside the hair), in the 19th there were light romantic patterns in fashion. The girls curled their hair into locks of different diameters and neatly laid them around their heads.

In those days, the era was antique, hairstyleswere created in the image of ancient Greek nymphs. Separate curls dropped carelessly on the shoulders, and the head of hair looked natural and at ease. Sometimes in its decoration used flowers, ribbons, pearls.

So beautiful and romantic hairstyles of the 19th century. The photo in the article is an indisputable proof. Representatives of the fair sex with such stylings look simply charming.

hairstyles of the 19th century with their own hands


How to make a hairstyle of the 19th century with your own hands? In order to create an image from the era of Pushkin and Turgenev, you must first learn how to make locks of different sizes. The most popular way to create curls are curlers and thermalbugs. They allow you to save time, they are easy to wind and at the same time make sure that not a single strand of hair is left without attention. Varieties of curlers are huge, with their help you can make small, medium, large strands.

The main drawback of curlers is in the process of creatingcurls it is impossible to correct their shape. If you make a mistake and incorrectly twist a lock of hair, it will remain asymmetric in comparison with the rest of the hair.

Another option is a curling iron and a hair iron. Each strand is twisted by hand, it is easy to adjust the angle and force of curl for each curl, different nozzles will be needed to create different volumes.

Also for the creation of hairstyle of the 19th century will be useful different hairpins, jewelry, artificial flowers, hairpins, invisible, elastic - all that will help fix curls in beautiful form.

To keep the styling better, and the curls do not disintegrate, it is better to use hair mousse. And, of course, after creating a hairstyle of the 19th century, it needs to be fixed with a lacquer of strong fixation.

Classic styling

This is the most common styling option, itIt was particularly popular in the 40-50s of the 19th century. The fashion designers of those years built intricate bundles, nests and bows on the back of the head, and the hair on their temples curled. It is very easy to make a similar hairstyle at home.

To create it, you need a pair of rubber bands,approximate in color to the tone of your hair, a comb with a thin tip and a frequent row, a curling pin of thin diameter or similar curlers. The hair should have a length below the shoulders.

You need to comb your hair on a straight part. After this, after retracting from the hair growth line approximately 5 cm, draw a transverse line comb. So you separate the hair on the nape and leave a few strands in front. The second, transverse, parting must have a smooth and neat line. The hair on the back of the neck should be gathered in a pony tail, braided in a braid and gently disheveled, pull out a few strands. So you will make it three-dimensional. After this, several times wrap around the base of the tail and fix it with studs. Strands of hair in front divided into thin curls and twirl on hair curlers or a thermoplastic.

hairstyles of the 19th century photo

Low beam with oblique parting

Another simple way to create a romantic image. To create a hairstyle of the 19th century, you need large curlers, invisibility, hairpins, hairbrush and hair spray.

Twist the hair on the curlers for the entire length of theroots. This will give the hair volume, and on the tips you will get large curls, which in the future will create a hairdo. Hair needs to be divided into an oblique parting, and at the roots on each side to comb to give additional volume. Then, the front strands must be pulled, without pulling, back and fastened to the nape of the hairpins. Rest the remaining hair in the direction of the crown and also fix the hairpins in a low beam. If desired, it can be decorated with flowers or other ornaments.

how to make a hairstyle of the 19th century

Asymmetric bundle, or pebble

Such hairstyles of the 19th century look refined and elegant, an ideal choice for going out. To create them, you need a mid-diameter plaque, studs and invisibility.

Begins hair as well as classicalstyling. Hair should be divided into two parts, the occipital and temporal. All hair curling on a curling iron in the direction of the face. Then locks from the back of the head need to be assembled into a careless light bundle, from which strands and curls can be carefully cut out. It must necessarily be voluminous, if you want to give the hairdo an asymmetry, make it on the right or on the left. The remaining strands should be beaten with fingers so that they are bulky, gently combed back, spreading them on the back of the head with beautiful waves, and fastened with the help of invisible and studs.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to create hairstyles of the 19th century with your own hands. Be beautiful!

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