Tattoo "Lion" on the thigh: the meaning

In most cases, tattoos have their ownvalue. Tattoo "Lion" on the thigh is no exception to this rule. It is chosen by both boys and girls. The value will be slightly modified. In Buddhism, the sign of a lion brings happiness and luck.

The meaning of the tattoo "Lion"

This animal, as is known, possessesregal in kind. Therefore, a person who stuffs a tattoo "Lion" on the thigh or any other part of the body, does this with one goal - he wants to emphasize his individuality.

This tattoo is chosen by people who are ambitious. They are ready to do anything to achieve success in any important matter for them. However, there is one more side. Tattoo "Lion" on the thigh is done by those who have a tendency to laziness. It is not entirely clear how such facts can live together in one person, but this is so.

tattoo lion on thigh

Also, the tattoo "Lion" on the thigh has to do with Buddhism. According to religion, this animal means strength and steadfastness. In addition, this image should bring luck to the owner.

It is known that earlier this symbol was also applied to pay tribute to those who died. Also it was a kind of symbol of the sun, its light and energy.

Female designation

Tattoo "Lion" on the hip of a girl can have a littleother meaning. For example, if a lion is replaced with a lioness, then one can trace the girl's inclination to create a family cosiness. Also, this image is closely related to motherhood. Girls who stop their attention on this particular sketch for tattooing, in most cases strong enough, but in the shower can keep hurt, be vulnerable.

Also, girls prefer to put a tattoo in the form of a lion in some graceful pose on the thigh. This emphasizes the flexibility of the mind, the propensity for adventurism. These ladies love to travel.

tattoo lion on thigh

Men's values

A tattoo with an animal such as a lion is an optionstrong man. Thus, he emphasizes his ability to protect his loved ones. Also the sign "Lion" denotes strength. However, this does not mean rudeness or cruelty.

The power of a lion is in its nobility. The owner of this kind of tattoo will not go down to insults. He defends his honor, while also capable of revenge.

A lion can also be associated with wiseactions. A man who dared to capture the lion on his hip, further emphasizes his sexuality. It is noteworthy that if there are two animals on the sketch turned with their backs to each other, then this can speak of internal contradictions.

tattoo lion on the thigh of the girls

Drawing a tattoo is a conscious act. Therefore, much about the nature of its owner tells the theme of the image, as well as its location. Tattoo "Lion" is a powerful amulet. In addition, his personalities are strong and independent. A woman with such a tattoo can become a good keeper of the hearth.

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