Beautiful and uncomplicated hairstyles for medium hair

Most modern girls areowners of medium length hair. They are not so problematic to look after as the curls that get their waists, and at the same time the image remains feminine, without a hint of a short haircut. However, every day to walk with the same styling bothers everyone, so now we'll look at how simple hairstyles are made for medium hair and in which cases they may be appropriate.

uncomplicated hairstyles for medium hair

So, hairdress number one we will be laying withlateral parting. The main thing - with the help of ironing is to perfectly straighten the hair, so that their tips look clearly down. As a result, even curls that cover part of the face will create an imposing image that is ideal for both the office and a romantic evening.

Uncomplicated hairstyles on medium hair, likeusually done in 5-10 minutes, but the next you can build a literally a minute or two. This is a simple tail, which always looked attractive and attractive. It is important to consider only in what form you leave the tips of the hair. They can be curled with a curling iron or even ironed. In the first case, the image will be strict, with a slight touch of romantic negligence. If the tail is perfectly even, you will become a bright representative of the office style.

uncomplicated hairstyles with your own hands photo

Surprisingly, uncomplicated hairstyles for mediumhair is also in the secrets of our great-grandmothers, whose youth fell in the first half of the twentieth century. At that time, the retro style was popular, which is gaining momentum in the fashion world and now. Hairstyles in this spirit are made very quickly. Divide the hair into 6-8 strands and curl with a large curl. Result fix with a varnish, and for creation of the necessary effect from one side podkolite hair butterfly or other hairpin. It is important to know that such a styling involves a side parting.

Uncomplicated hairstyles for medium hair can beto invent on the go, based only on the technique of weaving braids. For example, you can braid a thin flagellum and fix it like a rim. To do this, separate a small part of the hair from the left (right) ear, twist the braid, which with its end will reach the other ear, and there it will be fixed by invisible ones. Also, two pigtails, which originate at the temples, will look beautiful and are fastened just above the nape.

make hairstyles for medium hair

Consider how else you can make simplehairstyles with their own hands. The photo given in the article represents the simplest "Malvinka". Doing such a hairdo, you can fully improvise: comb the hair back or split into two halves, and then fix the upper part on the nape. Famous "Malvinka" can be supplemented with a nap - an ideal option for a party or reception.

It is important to know that when we make hairstyles onmedium hair, you must first use a gel, foam or wax. The fact is that it is the length of the midi - the most unruly, the hair often slips out of the hairpins, thereby spoiling the whole appearance. Also, when choosing a styling, give preference to something simple that can be fixed with a "crab" or a snap-button.

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