Than to wash green? Available Tools

Probably, every person faced such aproblem, like a spilled green. No less common problem are the spots from the green on the skin, especially when they are on the face or on other prominent parts of the body. In our time, there are special tools that quickly remove the green from a particular surface. However, than laundering zelenku, if special means for any reasons are not possible to buy? It goes without saying that the green can be washed and improvised. Below is a list of the most accessible ways with which you can wash the diamond greens.

Than to wash greenery

How to remove green spots from the skin?

Asked about what to wash the green withbody, to the mind of a large number of people immediately comes ordinary alcohol. It should immediately be noted that pure green spirit can not be erased. For this purpose, you will need to mix the alcohol with a little lemon juice. It is usually enough to mix 10-15 drops of juice with 5 tablespoons of alcohol. It is not superfluous to mention that such a solution can cause redness on the skin. In order to wipe a fresh stain green, just apply a mixture of juice and alcohol on a cotton pad and wipe the surface of the skin with it. But than to wash green, if the stain on the skin has already dried up? The same mixture of lemon juice and alcohol will come to the aid, but in this case the procedure of rubbing the green of the diamond will not be so simple.

Than to wash green from the face

Other remedies against green spots

If you do not have any lemon juice, no alcohol, and youdo not know what to wash the green, then you can wipe the patches of diamond greens to others, also in a fairly effective way. To do this, you will need a usual fat cream or lotion, which will need to be applied and washed off the stain of the green one several times.

The most secure method of removing greenery

If all of the above methods of rubbingzelenki to you for one reason or another do not fit, and you continue to torment the question of what to wash the green from the face or body, then you can come to the aid of an ordinary dining room soda. It is not superfluous to note that soda has excellent bleaching properties. In this regard, this powder is perfect for removing stains not only from the skin, but also from the fabric and other surfaces. To remove stains zelenki, you need to mix the soda powder with water to a mushy consistency and apply a fleece to the surface, after a few seconds to wash off.

Than to wash greens from a body
If necessary, repeat the procedure again. It should be noted that this method of removing green spots is not only effective, but also the safest. Therefore, this method can be used to erase patches of green from the skin of the child or from the skin, which is sensitive enough to any impact.

Well, in the end I want to give advice: so as not to wonder about what to wash the green, buy it not in flacon, but in the form of special pencils, which are very convenient and, most importantly, safe to use.

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