Stress your individuality with a haircut on short hair on a round face

The beginning of a change in any image is most oftencharacterized by a change of hairstyle. In order to emphasize their dignity and at the same time try to hide as much as possible the small shortcomings, it is very carefully to choose a new haircut. Each type of person is best suited for certain types of hairstyles. Taking into account this point, you can choose for yourself the ideal styling option.

Haircuts on short hair on a round face

Features of the round face

To date, there are several formsfaces such as round, oval, square and triangular. Haircuts on short hair on a round face should, in the first place, try to narrow it. Plus, this hairstyle should make it harmonious. This becomes necessary due to the fact that there is a significant difference between the width and length of the face. The problem will help to solve properly selected haircut. Short hair, round face - for such features the asymmetric shape of the strands is best. By means of such a haircut, you can visually make the features more correct.

The most suitable for a round face hairstyle

Haircut on short hair on a round face

Haircuts on short hair on a round face, ifcorrectly chosen, will give a certain zest to your appearance. The most suitable option can be called the type of haircut, when the curls are placed on the cheeks, slightly closing them. Volume and splendor - such characteristics were distinguished by fashionable haircuts 2013. Short hair was no exception. Achieving volume at a small length is quite possible. To date, the so-called "bob" hairstyle is very popular. So, for example, you just need to make the length of the haircuts a little below the chin and, using the iron, straighten the strands. Thanks to such small secrets, you can not only hide your full cheeks, but also make your image unique and memorable.

Do not be afraid to improvise
Fashionable haircuts 2013 short hair

If you want to be bright and stand out from the crowd,haircuts on short hair on a round face will help you in this. In order to look unique and attractive, you can create a multi-level hairstyle. Many people probably know such an expression as artistic disorder. This very mess can easily be arranged on the head. By the way, it will look pretty fashionable, stylish and simply unique. As you can see, haircuts for short hair on a round face are suitable for almost any. If you do not want to have a too voluminous hairstyle, it will be enough to give the puffiness of the occipital part. In this case, it is necessary that the face still covered with several strands of hair. This will not only help to make the facial features narrower, but will also give the image an individuality. Chubby girls are not recommended to make curls very curly. Also, do not opt ​​for straight hair. Soft waves can be considered an ideal option in this case. Using just such ringlets will help to make the shape of the face more flattened.

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