Cocktail hairstyles: the main rules, recommendations, a description of the main mistakes

Cocktail style perfectly combineselegance, ease and democracy. It is appropriate at many solemn events, devoid of deliberate pathos and officialdom. Going to a cocktail party, think through the image to the smallest detail and be sure to win. After all, it is not enough to choose a good dress, no matter how well it is sitting on a figure, without worthy companions in the form of shoes, accessories, manicure and hairstyles can not do. Otherwise, all efforts will go wrong.

cocktail hairstyles

Cocktail hairstyles, topical today,are quite diverse. Among them you can find many options that will satisfy the most demanding taste. The range is truly wide: from the styling of short haircuts to multi-tiered designs, decorated with accessories. Today, let's talk about the basics of style and consider several interesting options.

Main rules

The first thing to remember is the style correspondence between all the details of the image. Simply put, the hairstyle should be approached alongside.

Another golden rule that must beto match cocktail hairstyles, is to maintain a balance between outfit and hair. The more complex the dress and accessories, the less jewelry should be in the hairstyle. And with simple cocktail dresses, complex designs of curls, decorated with exquisite hairpins and hairpins, are in full harmony.

cocktail hairstyles for medium hair

A common tail or hair, gathered in a bundle,make any image cheaper. They will create a sense of negligence where it is completely inappropriate. Even more ridiculous will look like a booklet, lavishly lacquered. Especially varnished with sparkles. This is not relevant for a long time. And in general, the traces of any styling products on the hair are simply unacceptable.


Choose cocktail hairstyles, based on length. For a short haircut, it is often enough to be neatly stacked. Owners of long hair today often choose unconstrained options, which combine laid on the back of the head curls and fluttering released strands.

Cocktail hairstyles for medium hair, the basiswhich are braided braids, are as relevant today as ever. The length to the shoulders opens wide possibilities: the hair can be simply curled and laid with curls, braided into the French braid, raised on the back of the head.

Current trends

Do not leave the podiums and glossy pages Greekhairstyle, fashionable for several years. Strictly and stylishly looks a curl-shell, which adorns a few pins with pearls or rhinestones. Asymmetric types of cocktail hairstyles look young and bold. For their decoration, small flowers are often used. Often, to create an image, tinted balms or colored crayons are used. Cocktail hairstyles with tinted curls require a good sense of proportion. If at least a little overdo it, the result will not be beautiful, but comic.

types of cocktail hairstyles

Today the best hairdresserstry to focus on natural beauty. Non-standard shades like ash-gray, soft pink or turquoise are still relevant, but they should not look tormented. Health of well-groomed hair is the best decoration.

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