Home Masks for Hair Growth

Beautiful hair - a natural decoration is notonly women, and men. Therefore, the desire to have a chic hair is quite understandable. Of course, genetics is an undeniable thing. But a modern man is available a lot of funds created for hair growth and improving their structure. These are shampoos, and gels, and rinses, and masks.

And how to improve hair growth bypassing all theseseductively beautiful jars and bottles on supermarket shelves? After all, not everyone trusts even highly recommended manufacturers of cosmetics. And this is also understandable. After all, you can "run into" a fake. Buying funds for hair growth, there is a share of the risk to stay at all without them. And the point here is not in the manufacturer, but in a huge number of fakes (so take the product only certified, not forgetting to look at the expiration date and composition). But there are alternative methods - home hair masks. The beauty of these tools is that you know exactly which ingredients are included. And these methods are checked by our grandmothers. So...

Home Masks for Hair Growth

1. Nourishing mask of oils. It is made of two types - vegetable and burdock. The ratio is equal. Apply the mask for an hour (you can and for a day, if there is time).

2. Mustard mask. In the composition: water, mustard powder (dry, 2 tbsp.), Yolk, burdock oil (2 tbsp.), And a pinch of sugar. After applying, wrap your head and leave until you feel a burning sensation.

3. The mask is gelatinous. Actually, it's a mask, and a shampoo at the same time. In the composition: gelatin (2 tbsp.), Water, shampoo (2 tbsp.). Pour the shampoo into the gelatin filled with water and swollen to uniformity. Apply before washing your head for 30 minutes.

4. Kefir mask. This is the secret of oriental women, famous for chic hair. Before washing, apply defatted kefir for 30 minutes.

5. Mask of bread. A piece of rye bread (the longer the hair, the larger the piece) is soaked in water. Strain. Apply the liquid for 30 minutes. Rinse off with water.

6. Onion mask (restorative). Apply before washing your head for 30 minutes. Ingredients: onion juice (2 tbsp.), Yolk, honey (2 tbsp.), Cognac (any, 2 tbsp.), Burdock oil (2 tbsp.). Rinse off with water. Rinse with water with lemon juice.

7. The mask is almond. Ingredients: milk (glass), 2 tbsp. l. of almond powder (pour boiling milk). Cooled infusion for 30 minutes. to put on hair. Rinse off with water.

8. Mango mask. Ingredients: pulp of mango (whole), two yolks, kefir (2 tbsp.). Mix the ingredients in a blender. Apply to hair for 30 minutes. Rinse off with water.

9. Yeast mask (nourishing). Ingredients: a glass of kefir, dry yeast (2 tbsp.), Yolk, honey (2 tbsp.). Mix the ingredients and leave for 30 minutes. The mask is applied for 30 minutes. It is washed off with water.

10. Clay mask. Ingredients: blue clay, burdock oil, honey, lemon juice (take a teaspoonful total), egg yolk. Apply for 25 minutes. before washing your hair.

11. Apply sea-buckthorn oil to hair before washing (for 30 minutes). The effect is regenerating.

Virtually all home hair masks for hair growthrequire so-called wrapping: after their application, hair is applied cellophane and then wrapped with a towel. Masks containing oils (sea buckthorn, mustard, etc.) are applied before washing the head with shampoo. If possible, add "Dimexide" to each mask. This drug helps to penetrate nutrients deeper.

In addition to applying masks, you can recommenduse of "hot scissors". The effect is stunning! Cutting (or cropping the tips of the tips) is carried out with scissors "Jaguar", heated to a certain temperature (depends on the structure of the hair). The effect of "sealing" is created. Those. after the haircut, this hair will not separate and remain intact, with an oval, "soldered" tip. The effect is noticeable immediately. For those who have hair severely severed, you will need several such haircuts (one per month is enough). And for those who have repeatedly colored their hair, this is really a godsend!

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