Hairstyle to herself on medium hair for 5 minutes

With today's pace of life, there is very little timea woman is left to look good and stylish. Therefore, the best way for her is a hairstyle to herself. On average hair, which is most convenient to care for, there are many options for styling. We present to you some very simple, but nevertheless very fashionable everyday hairstyles, which can be built in just 5 minutes before going to work.

Step-by-step hairstyles for medium hair. Option one

Step-by-step hairstyles for medium hair
For those who like weaving, but not very muchit turns out, we can offer a simulation of weaving with a low knot. Note that instead of braids, you need to make harnesses on both sides of the head. Then bundles together with the remaining hair in the tail. The last step is the formation of a low node, you can do it in any form. This is a very feminine hairstyle fashionable silhouette. In the case of a festive version, it is enough to add a hair ornament. Fixing with varnish will securely fix your work for the whole day.

Option Two

hairstyle to herself on medium hair
Hairstyles for middle hair
Hairstyle to myself on medium hair in style"Pompadour." It can also be called: "I know that I need to wash my hair, but I just do not have enough time." Hair a little on the top of the head and braid into a very loose spikelet. Your task is to make this part as large as possible. Then fix invisible strands on the vertex or connect them with the tail of the remaining hair. Optionally roll the knot on the occipital area or leave the hair in the form of a "tail".

Option Three

Hairstyles for middle hair
Retropricheka herself to medium hair. Divide the hair by parting from one ear to the other. Secure it with the clamp while you are making the low knot. Collect loose strands in the tail on the back of the head, put on an elastic band and pass the hair into the hole above the elastic band. Lightly brush the strands of the "tail" to make the knot more airy. Raise the hair and lay the bundle with the pins. Loosen strands from the face, comb them and fasten them one by one over the knot at the back of the head. This is an excellent evening hairstyle to herself on medium hair.

Option Four

Hairstyles for middle hair

A very simple way to look great ismake an imitation rim. Hair wrap on a curling iron. At the temples, separate the two strands and tuck each in a braid, using the classical method (of three strands). Fix the ends with a small silicone rubber band. Straighten the curls and connect in any convenient way for you both braids at the back of the head, making sure that the hair on the top and the crown are bulky. Lay the front strands and bangs. Elegant hairstyle to herself on medium hair turned out very effective. Pigtails can be slightly enlarged by carefully spreading the weaving loops with your fingers.

Option Five

Hairstyles for middle hair

It's simpler for this hairstyle itself on medium hairit's hard to imagine something, but you can look no worse than a Hollywood star. Comb your hair and throw it on one shoulder from the opposite side of the parting. Fasten with the help of a small barrette in the area behind the ear the lower strand, so that the hairstyle keeps well. Curl the curls on the curling iron. Then gently comb to make all the curls become one wave. Fix it with lacquer.

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