Hairstyle for short hair for a wedding for the most beautiful bride

The wedding is a very troublesome business.And if the organization of the celebration can be completely shifted to the shoulders of professionals from the agency, then buying a dress and choosing a hairstyle are solely the cares of the bride. In society, unfortunately, there is still an opinion that the ideal bride should be with a scythe to the heels.

hairstyle for short hair for a wedding
And what about the owners of stylishmodern haircuts? The so-called "masters" advise clients to use a hairpiece or pre-build their hair in order to get a luxurious hairstyle for a wedding. Short hair looks fine by itself, you do not have to go on about other people's prejudices and spoil your appearance. A fragile girlish figure haircut gives extra grace. A successful laying will turn the bride into an elegant lady, an exquisite celestial creature or a merry summer fairy. It all depends on which image is closest to you.

Hairstyle for short hair for a wedding can bemade in retro style. You will be like the divine Hollywood divas of the twenties of the last century. Do you remember their strands of shiny soft waves? The corresponding flowing outfit, and you are a star of the Golden Jazz era.

hairstyle for a short hair wedding
Do not overload your appearance, choose onean ideal accessory for you, which will keep your hair on your short hair. At the wedding, the bride usually wears a veil. In your case, fit and small veils that cover half the face, and capes up to the elbow with a small diadem. Tiaras, tiaras, exquisite rims - these details create a festive styling.

Light white feathers, which complemented the hairdofor short hair for a wedding - like a hint of the wings of an angel. Lush artificial flowers emphasize the tenderness and fragility of the bride. However, sometimes it is enough original hairpin or designer earrings to make your appearance perfect. And do not forget about very fashionable in this season hats of a variety of shapes and sizes.

wedding dress for short hair
Ask your master to do you in advanceseveral hairstyle options. Wedding wrapping on short hair is so good that it will not be difficult to wash it off and do it again. Do you feel the lack of creative potential? Try to reproduce yourself like your hair. By trial and error, you will find out exactly what is right for your type of face.

Experiments with styling is better combined with the fitting of the wedding dress. Otherwise, the dress will be from one novel, but the hairstyle is entirely from another opera.

There are some rules in an exciting game,called "hairstyle for short hair." At the wedding, many girls buy a dress with crinoline. Well, it's nice to be the living heroine of the fairy tale about Cinderella. To balance the magnificent bottom, you need a noticeable accessory on the beautiful head of the princess.

Decoration of flowers for a hairstyle should not betoo heavy. In principle, a short haircut is so good that you do not have to torment all the triumph, dragging a complex multi-tiered structure on your head, enduring hairpins, and then half a night with the already legal husband to disentangle tangled strands. Artfully created art disorder on the head, an elegant barrette - and you are the queen of the ball.

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