Evening hairstyles

Going to dinner with your beloved, at the prom, at thea solemn reception, all the girls dream of being irresistible. They try to find in the salons of the best master, they start ringing all the girlfriends. If such a master is busy, then it seems to them that the evening will be completely failed. However, you should not be upset about time. After all, making the evening hair itself is not so difficult. Naturalness is always in fashion, so if you choose a simple hairstyle, you will look good. There are many options for how to build original evening hairstyles at home.

The easiest way is to collect the hair in a sufficiently hightail. From this tail it is necessary to pull out a small strand of hair and hide the elastic with it. At the very tail, the hair should be curled into soft curls, for better fixation, it is possible to apply foam or mousse to the hair. To simple hairstyles, you can also include a hairstyle made in the Greek style. This hairstyle is suitable for medium length hair. Apply mousse on moistened hair. Then you need to dry your hair with a hair dryer, when drying, you need to lift the hair at the roots and slightly crush them, in order to give them volume and light waves. Then the hair should be raised and secured with hairpins. This hairstyle can still be decorated with beautiful hairpins with flowers. Greek evening hairstyles are created easily, but it looks very beautiful and feminine.

Still very interesting and stylish looks hairstyle"Bow", it does not need to pick up any accessories. In the zone of the crown, separate the triangular hair, and in the temple zone also leave the separated strands of hair on both sides. Remaining hair should be collected at the back of the head in the tail. Then the hands should be applied with a gel. From the top of the tail, separate the strand of hair, tuck it away and pin it with a barrette, so that it does not interfere. Then take another rubber band and tie it on the tip of the tail. Then the tail is divided into two halves, thus making a bow. Secure it with studs. Then take the top strand and make out of it for a bowknot. At the base, fix the strand with invisible objects, and then wrap it in the middle of the bow from the hair. The remaining ends are hidden under the base of the bow and fixed with invisible ones. Take the hair on the left, twist them in a tourniquet and fasten it under the base of the bow. Do the same with the right side. From the front, a strand of hair is laid with a light wave, forming a curl on the vertex. Lock with invisible and well sprinkle with varnish. In a few minutes, when the varnish dries, you can remove invisible - so you get interesting evening hairstyles.

There are many more options for simplethe performance of elegant hairstyles. The most simple option - a haircut ladder. Wet hair dry with a hair dryer, while the ends of the hair should be pulled upward or screwed inside. Such evening hairstyles should be fixed with varnish. This hairstyle will take a little time, but it will look very natural and beautiful. For the rest, the next hairstyle will do. Hair should be collected on the top of the head in a high tail. The tips of hair shoved under the elastic, distribute the strands so that the shell is formed. One strand must be left to wrap it around the base of your tail. This hairstyle looks fashionable, and your hair will not stop you if you spend your time quite actively.

So, you learned how to do evening hairstyles. Performing such hairstyles requires the most simple hairdressing skills. After all, in any girl, nature has the ability to show itself in the most advantageous light and stay natural. For example, the hair can be combed and divided into an oblique part. Then from the temples hold two diagonal lines that converge near the center of the neck. Separate part of hair to collect down tail. From it to allocate a small lock which to wrap around elastic and to fix with a hairpin. Tail to wind on the base. Hide the tips of the hair inside and fix it with the studs. The remaining strands twist a little. Such hairstyles can be used as an everyday option, but you can include it in evening hairstyles, and you will always be irresistible.

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