Dry Hair What to Do?

Each girl secretly dreams of having herhair drove all the members of the mind crazy. Perhaps the question "Dry hair what to do?" You asked yourself more than once. Why is this happening, and how to help yourself in this situation? Weak, lifeless, brittle hair can be a sign that you have a dry type. They are difficult to comb, almost do not fit in the right hair, they become very electrified, especially in the winter. There are a lot of reasons for dryness: improper care, heredity, permanent staining and use of a hair dryer in combination with various foams, varnishes, and other styling products. Very often to the exhaustion of hair leads to the constant creation of the same hairstyle: for example, a pony tail with a fleece. Long stay in the sun also affects the hair condition. Gradually they begin to change the structure, to split, all these effects can lead to an irreparable result. And then most girls have a question: "Dry hair what to do?" The main task in caring for such damaged hair is nutrition and hydration. There are a huge number of masks that contain all the substances and elements necessary for recovery.

It is necessary to know that dry hair is neededwash as little as possible, approximately once every ten days. For this type of hair, it is better to choose shampoo creams that contain all vitamins and active ingredients. It should be noted that very often the dryness of the hair arises from the lack of vitamin A in the body. The difficult question of "very dry hair what to do?" Excruciates many girls, and treatment must begin with the intake of missing vitamins. This vitamin contains foods such as carrots, cabbage, persimmons, milk, fish oil, butter. In conjunction with the reception of these products, you need to adhere to the general health regime, which provides a good rest and regular meals.

There are a lot of tips for caring. For example, before washing your dry hair, you need to rub a warm vegetable oil into your scalp, and wrap your head with a towel. This wrapping of the head will positively affect the health of the hair, fill it with vitality and make it heavier. If you follow all the recommendations, then the question of dry hair what to do should gradually go into the background. To dry hair with a hair dryer is not recommended, however, if there is such a need, first for ten minutes it is better to dry them with a towel, and only then take on a hairdryer. In this case, the issue of brittle hair what to do will already become so urgent. It should be known that the greatest irreparable harm to hair is caused by a perm. This type of exposure is the most harmful, and care for the scalp after it should be maximized. Masks for hair care can be purchased at the store, and you can do it yourself. For example, you can make the following mask: take two yolks and mix them together with castor oil. Apply to hair, allow to soak and rinse with soft water using an ordinary baby soap. It is very useful to rub a decoction of lime flowers into the scalp. The next mask is prepared extremely simply: 200 grams of bread pour a liter of water and wait four hours. Then apply the mask to the hair. This mask perfectly restores the damaged structure of the hair and looks after the sensitive scalp.

Now the question "dry hair what to do?"Is not difficult for you, because now you know everything about the proper care for this type of hair. It's no secret that the owners of strong, long, beautiful hair have always been considered incredibly seductive and attractive to the male. Let and you will have your secret of seduction!

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