Smart crystals DeSheli - beauty and youth

For a long time, cosmetic companies have been developinginnovative means that can fight any skin problems of the face. As you know, most women are interested in how to deal with wrinkles and aging of the skin.

In 2008, Russian women met the new brand Cheaper. To say that this cosmetics has amazed everyoneimagination, means nothing to say. The interesting brand "smart crystals" is a real revolution in the field of cosmetology, and all thanks to the biotechnology that formed the basis for the creation of cosmetics.

All who have already tried cosmetics, note thatchanges in the best direction became visible after the first procedures. Since the main task of most representatives of the weaker sex is wrestling, the problem is partially solved. Developers explain the effect of cosmetics in its composition. Smart crystals, created on particles from sucrose, retain information for more than a century and bring to the skin unique components. Most importantly, DeSheli cosmetics works instantly.

This series was developed for almost 15 years. These crystals were tested, and various laboratory tests were carried out. And once their benefits were finally established, it was decided to put the cream into production.

Smart crystals, the developers callunique crystals. This is the basis of the innovative Israeli invention. All cosmetics are aimed not only at rejuvenation, but also to strengthen the immune system, to restore the upper epidermis of the face and body. So what is the essence of Cheaperi? It's very simple - bio-information particles receive certain information, they are able to store it for more than 100 years. These particles are the core of cosmetics. Applying it to the body and face, the particles begin to transmit all the information. Cosmetics start to work instantly.

DeShelli slows down the aging process. A whole line of cosmetic products is produced, among which there are means for the face, for cleansing, toning, nutrition and rejuvenation. If the skin has flaws and lack of some elements, then innovative cosmetics all make up for it. For example, to cleanse it is recommended to use milk, and for deep cleansing - scrub. In the kit there is a face mask based on therapeutic clay, phyto-tonics. All this helps to make the skin smooth, replenish its water balance and narrow the dilated pores.

There has come such time when there is no necessity to choose cosmetics separately. You can buy a set of DeSheli, which will provide a full-time care for a long time, which means you can save a lot.

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