How to grow long hair

Many women dream of having their thickhair streamed over her shoulders, fluttered in the wind, attracting people's attention! And very short haircut tired of it! Unfortunately, our hair grows slowly enough, putting off the embodiment of the dream of a beautiful hairstyle, created from long hair, for a long time. Of course, you can make hair extensions. However, not in all localities there are professional masters. In addition, the cost of this procedure can not be attributed to the rank of "publicly available".

Let's talk about how to grow long hair quickly, applying modern cosmetics together with the experience of previous generations.

Psychological comfort. Our hair, like a mirror, reflects our inner emotional and psychological state. Experiences, exposure to various stresses, continuous nervous tension lead to the fact that the hair begins to lose healthy shine, fall out and become brittle. There is no need to speak about any rapid growth of hair, it would be good to preserve what is!

Of course, you will not be able to grow hair very quickly, as it happens slowly, however, you can speed up their growth a little.

Doctors say good hair and stress are thingsabsolutely incompatible! Therefore, before growing long hair, you should treat your nerves, balance your diet, pay attention to the presence of minerals and vitamins in foods. In addition, a number of special cosmetic procedures are required.

Only perfectly healthy hair can bebeautiful, therefore, thinking about how to grow long hair, you must first take care of the normal condition of the skin on your head. From peeling and dandruff can be got rid of with shampoos and cosmetics specially designed for this purpose. Only by all means choose the means, considering the type of your hair. Preparations for dry hair will be useless if you have normal or fatty.

The head should be washed with warm water, since hotcan destroy the follicle, and this increases hair loss. Shampoos should be chosen soft, which will not cause harm. Means to enhance hair growth should not be used every day, as this can weaken them.

Dry hair dryer is very convenient, however, you should not abuse this method. If possible, it is better to allow the locks to dry themselves.

To enhance hair growth is necessarymicrocirculation, in this regard, they need to be combed regularly. The massage brush should be made of natural bristles. A wonderful effect gives a massage, which is done when washing the head. If you do not like the results, but you are still concerned with the question of how to grow hair, doctors can prescribe you injections, as well as a special massage.

Hair for increased growth is requiredmicroelements and vitamins. Today, pharmacies have vitamin complexes designed for these purposes. They include chrome, manganese, zinc, iodine and magnesium. In addition, good hair and a rigid diet are incompatible, so before growing long hair, you should balance your diet, and, in addition to pharmacy products, introduce into it green vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, dairy products. Strengthen the growth of hair will also help brewer's yeast.

Manufacturers of cosmetics continuously replenishan assortment of their goods with products that contain menthol, arnica and extract from chilli peppers. These substances have a very beneficial effect on hair growth, include them in the arsenal of hair care products, if you are interested in how to grow long hair. However, when using them, follow the advice given on the label, as you can get scalp scalds.

Do not forget about the well-known folk remedies, as they are softer and more sparing. Decoctions of burdock, nettles and onion husks, burdock oil give quick and lasting results.

Also contact the hairdresser, specialistsadvise you how to grow long hair, most likely, you will be recommended to do a haircut with hot scissors. It will not damage your hair, which, of course, will have a beneficial effect on their growth.

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