Piercing cheeks: description of the procedure, features and reviews

Skin piercings are a fairly popular body modification today. One of its varieties is cheek piercing. How do they perform such punctures, what is their peculiarity?

History of Cheek Piercing

Piercings cheeks
Many types of skin piercings on the body and faceappeared centuries ago. Piercing the cheeks is not included in their number, this is a modern body modification. It is known that many cultures practiced ritual puncture of the facial skin. Such manipulations were carried out during the performance of religious rites and various holidays. The very fact of a puncture was important, decorations were never inserted into the holes that were obtained.

A vivid example of such ritual piercing iswatch in Phuket (Thailand). Here and nowadays, a vegetarian festival is held, during which mediums fall into trance and pierce their cheeks with sharp attachments. The civilized piercing to this sacrament has an indirect relationship. The main goal of puncturing the skin today is to decorate your own body.

Skin piercing with the installation of a labret

Piercing on the cheeks dimples
Traditional cheek piercing - througha puncture of the skin followed by the installation of a special ornament (labret) in the formed channel. Usually this body modification depicts natural "dimples". Punctures are made symmetrically in the middle or lower part of the cheeks. For this type of piercing, only labrettes are suitable - ornaments having a flat circle at one end for fixation and a decorative element on the other. This piercing does not hurt the teeth and tongue. Decoration when piercing the cheeks is not recommended to be removed for a long time, since in this case the canal can be tightened in a matter of days.

Installation of microdermabrasion

Piercing the cheeks how to draw
If you like how the cheek piercing looks, butto make through punctures for some reason you do not want, there is an alternative. Microdermal can be placed on the face. This version of telomodification slightly differs from the classical piercing. The upper layer of the skin is pricked, after which the base of the special ornament is implanted into the puncture. On the surface of the skin remains the tip of the bar, on which you can wind the decorative tips.

Installation of microdermal has the advantage overclassic piercings. In the process of healing puncture, lymph can develop, which differs not in the most pleasant smell. Microdermabras heals without this unpleasant phenomenon. In the first days after the puncture, lymph can also be released, but it will not flow to the mouth of the owner of the new piercing, which is much more pleasant. Minus of microdermabras is that after their removal the probability of formation of miniature scars is high enough. Through punctures heal much better.

Description of the procedure

Skin piercings on the face should be performed onlyspecialists. Doing such a piercing at home is very dangerous. On the face is a mass of nerve endings. A careless puncture or an incorrectly chosen place for it can cause complete or partial paralysis of the muscles (facial skewing).

Find a good piercing salon in your city and,Only after making sure of the competence of the master, sign up for the procedure. Piercing the cheeks at the request of the client can be performed with local anesthesia. Puncture is performed by a special tool, into which the chosen decoration is immediately inserted. The procedure is quite simple and does not require any special training. Finally, the client receives advice on care.

Decoration choice

Cheek Piercing Piercing
Proven fact: how good it will be to heal a new puncture, depends to a large extent on the choice of jewelry. What is the name of the piercing of the cheeks and the earring for him right? In through piercing of the skin of the face, it is most convenient to wear labrets. This is one of the varieties of rods. At one end of the rod is a flat round plate, and on the second - a thread for fixing the decorative element. The standard diameter of the rod of this type is 1.6 mm. The decorative part can be any - classic thorns and balls, rhinestones, bright beads or small figures.

To wear immediately after the puncture, chooseornaments from hippoallergenic metals: titanium or medical steel. It is also important to choose labrets with the longest rods. Swelling of the skin immediately after puncture is a normal reaction of the body. The decoration should not squeeze the damaged tissue.

Puncture Care

The puncture of the cheek is quite complicated, because of the featuresskin of the face he heals usually 2-3 months. During this time it is not recommended to visit the sauna, swimming pool, solarium and swimming in open water. Try not to injure the puncture site - hold the collars of clothing when donning over the head. You should also stop using cosmetics, you can not wash with hot water. During the healing of the puncture, rinse the mouth after each meal. On the outside, this piercing is treated with an antiseptic solution 3-4 times a day. During the healing period, it is not recommended to change the jewelry. Consult with the master: what special ointment is better for using so that the piercing on the cheeks of the "dimple" heals faster.

Possible complications

Piercing cheeks reviews
With proper execution and regular carepiercing cheeks heals quickly and painlessly. A normal phenomenon in the first days after the puncture: local edema, lymph and syphilis secretion, increased salivation. If the described symptoms persist for a long time, contact the master who made the piercing.

Sometimes the punctures heal for a long time and "do not take root"even if all the rules are observed. Some fans of telomodifications in this case do not despair, some time after the healing of an unsuccessful piercing they try to do it again. Cheek piercing effects can have and in the form of small scars. From through punctures, traces remain less noticeable than from microdermabrasion. Usually healed scars are hardly noticeable, sometimes they resemble natural "dimples" on the cheeks.

Piercing on the face can not be done at home. The success of the puncture depends to a large extent on the correct site and sterility. The amateur can not ensure that these two conditions are met during the home procedure.

Feedback from those who have already pierced the cheeks

What is the name of the cheek piercing
What the lucky owners of metal say"Dimples" on the cheeks? This piercing looks very impressive, but today still remains a rarity. If you like to attract attention and stand out from the crowd - this body modification for you. Puncture of cheeks is more safe for teeth than lip piercing. What is especially nice, this decoration does not violate the diction and does not interfere with the use of food.

Many puncture owners confess thattime completely forget about it. The adornment in case of successful healing simply ceases to be felt, and only looking in the mirror you remember that you have piercing cheeks.

How to make such a puncture, so that later on they are notsorry? Assess your lifestyle, face decorations are still prohibited by many companies, where a dress code is mandatory for employees. If the desire to have a piercing on the face is great, go to the search for a master. The average cost of such a puncture in modern salons is from 1000 rubles, the labret is bought separately - 150-300 rubles. Piercing cheeks reviews has a positive and thanks to its aesthetic appearance. This body modification equally well suits both girls and boys. With the right choice of the location of punctures, it can make the face much more expressive.

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