Home lifting: tightening face mask

Many people face the problem of sagging skinwomen. Unfortunately, the skin can lose its tone regardless of age. In our time, cosmetology successfully fights with many problems, to improve the skin's elasticity, specialists have developed many procedures and cosmetic products. In salons and shops you will be offered a large selection of creams and masks with lifting effect. But not everyone knows that it is not difficult to prepare such a food at home. And, from products that are often at hand. Home tightening facial mask will increase the tone of the skin, make it supple, help narrow the pores.

For cooking house masks withThe lifting effect is usually used honey, Hercules and egg white. Moreover, these components can be used, either individually or in various combinations. So, the protein can be whipped and applied to the face, the ground oatmeal diluted with water. Honey can also be applied simply for 20 minutes. on the face. However, a tightening face mask with dry skin is done with the addition of cottage cheese, egg yolk or sour cream, and for fatty - lemon juice. Here are some recipes for effective masks.

Mask with a Hercules

Tightening Face Mask With the oat-flakes it lays its color and gives the skinelasticity. It is not difficult to prepare a mask. Brew oatmeal, add olive oil (5 drops) and a spoonful of sour cream. The mixture must be thick, otherwise the mask will spread. Keep the mask for 20 minutes.

Masks with gelatin

Firming face mask with gelatinUsed for aging, saggy skin. In addition, this agent perfectly whitens. Lifting effect is achieved due to the fact that gelatin thickens. At the same wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is tightened. To prepare the mask, gelatin is poured with hot milk or natural juice. Then put the dishes in a warm place (you can reheat and microwave), when the mixture swells, it is put in the refrigerator. After the mass thickens to the consistency of the gel, the mixture is applied to the face. The mask is also rinsed off after 20 minutes.

Another mask with gelatin. Cleaned cucumber should be wiped through a sieve, to separate the pulp from the juice. We need the flesh. Add 2 teaspoons of green tea (warm) and the same amount of chamomile and then gelatin (1 teaspoon). The mass is heated until thick, add cucumber juice and aloe (1 tsp)

The following mask perfectly pulls up the face oval,but it must be prepared using zinc oxide. Gelatin (10g.) Pour cold water (40g.), Mix the mixture and leave for an hour before swelling. We rub the glycerol (40g.) And zinc oxide (10g.) To a homogeneous mass, add the swollen gelatin and heat until dissolved. A wide bandage should be cut into 3 strips of 30cm length. The first strip of mass is placed on the lower part of the face, and its ends are smoothed to the temples. The second - on the forehead, the third - in the middle of the face (from ear to ear). Keep the mask for half an hour.

Potato mask

Cooked potatoes peeled, kneaded and mixed withyogurt (1 tablespoon). Apply the mixture for 30 minutes. Masks tightening with potatoes can be applied to problem areas of the body, as they have an anti-cellulite effect.

Cheese mask

Grate on a fine grater hard cheese, mix with sour cream (can with cream). Apply weight for 15 minutes.

Pumpkin Mask

The lifting effect is also a vitamin maskfor a pumpkin face. Mix 2st. spoons of puree from boiled pumpkin with olive or soybean oil (1 tablespoon). The mask well softens the skin, helps smooth out wrinkles.

Grape mask

The mask of grape also tones well the skin. Stretch a few large grapes, add lemon juice and honey. This mask is suitable for problem skin with enlarged pores.

A pulling effect is possessed by othersfruit and vegetable masks. For example, peach, apple, eggplant, and, these components can be used separately. An excellent tonic and firming remedy is also a mask from a fresh tomato.

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