Hairstyles with stilettos: description and photo

Average length of hair is considered to be the mostpopular and common among those who choose girls. It is easiest to lay it in a spectacular way, without exerting any extra effort. Also, in this case, there is always the possibility of creating a light hairstyle for medium hair. You can make a curl or coiffure, as well as braids of different length and shape. In addition, various shells, tufts and babettes are available, which are often decorated with hairpins and flowers. However, there are other ways to lay these hair. This hairstyle with hairpins, which are fairly easy to perform and look attractive.

Advantages of hairstyles with hairpins

If you select one of these according toyour type of face, you can create the necessary balance in your appearance, and also the new laying will be an excellent addition to the new image. Below you will find a step-by-step description of different hairstyles for medium hair, which are simple for daily execution, as well as for special occasions.

Such hairstyles with hairpins are quite simple. They are based on the creation of tails and braids. To make them, you need to take only a comb, a few rubber bands, invisible hairpins and hairpins. If you want, you can add an image with a hair clip, bow or other decoration. These hairstyles with hairpins for medium hair, the photos of which are presented in this article, are perfect for fulfilling themselves.

hairstyles with hairpins

Hair style with pigtails

Method one. Take a comb, as well as an elastic band or several pins (additional jewelry if necessary).

Stage 1. Make a parting smoothly and divide the hair into halves. Each side, twine into two non-coiled back pigtails, which should be fastened for a short time with the help of the pins.

Stage 2. Fix them - one to the other, and do it need to be lower, using an elastic band.

Step 3. Scrub the tail. As an option, you can also curl it a little, fixing it with a varnish.

Step 4. Do not tighten the strands in the pigtails from one end or the other to increase their volume.

Step 5. Using a small string from the tail, try to hide the rubber band. Also you can use any decoration, if you want.

Hairstyles with hairpins for medium hair

Method two. Similarly, you can also perform a different kind of hairstyle. So, you can try to braid the braids to the ends, and then make a bundle-bunch, using the studs. This hairstyle is suitable for long hair.

High hairstyles in the form of bows

Hairstyles with hairpins on medium hairhands do not require a lot of tools to create them. You can only use gum and invisibility. Previously, hair is combed or simply whipped to give them volume.

Stage 1. It is necessary to tie a ponytail higher. During the last hair in the elastic band, you should try to make it so that its tip remains ahead.

Stage 2. It is necessary to divide the bundle and the end, which will remain wound back, and then secure with studs and varnish.

hairstyles with hairpins on medium hair with their own hands

The beam is low

This hairstyle will not do without forceps curling the hair.

Stage 1. The hair (necessarily clean) needs to be curled using thermal protection agents and foams during the laying process.

Stage 2. It is necessary to comb the strands, fixing them with the help of hairpins in a careless manner, so that they remain airy.

Step 3. You need to fix everything with a varnish.

beautiful hairstyles with hairpins


Stage 1. It is necessary to whip hand-combed hair.

Stage 2. It should be twisted in the form of a rope-shell, secured with the help of invisible.

Stage 3. The ends left free, you need to carelessly fix using studs and lacquer.

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