Manicure Master Sveta Sanders

She calls herself "lacoman" and maintains a blog withthe same name. The number of its subscribers in Instagram has already exceeded 500 thousand, which is truly record for Russia. Lacquer blogger daily spreads images of incredible nail designs, explaining in detail how to perform this or that fantasy drawing.

It is also known among foreign bloggers,leading pages on the original modern nail art. Let's get acquainted with this amazing girl, "blowing" the Web with interesting ideas for the design of female marigolds.


Smolensky blogger Sveta Sanders, who createsincredible masterpieces, 6 years ago came to a special forum dedicated to the lessons of nail design. Now she admits that she just "fell ill" with varnishes of the most unusual flowers, she was so captivated by a new hobby that it became for a fragile girl not just a hobby.

She laughs, remembering how she bought up uncontrollablya huge number of varnishes, and the constant questions about how much in her collection of small bottles, shrugs in ignorance. "I have not the slightest idea. I am often sent new varnishes, and I constantly clean my shelves, otherwise my home would look like a warehouse, "- says the blogger.

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To hide all your treasures, girlbought a chest of drawers, into which the lacquer appliances are removed. 12 boxes barely fit the main collection, and a new place for storage of working tools for "lacomaniac" is constantly required.

Unique nail design

The star of the nail art, daily motivating itssubscribers for the implementation of unique drawings, began to work with conventional stamping, which allows you to apply stamps with stencils of various shapes.

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Sveta Sanders, whose nail designis unique, explains that at first she found new ideas on the web and immediately tried to fulfill them, and now a large army of art nouveau lovers is already copying the work of Sveta herself, considering her to be a real wizard. She always wanted to paint extraordinary things, and new ideas never ceased to visit her head. Sometimes even a pattern on the fabric could move it to a new nyl art.

Talents of Russian bloggers

On questions about who is her idol for herand an ideal among those who specialize in varnish topics, Sveta Sanders replies that she does not single out anyone. Although she admits that it is the Russian mistress of blogs that she likes most. She focuses on the special care of the refined manicure and original ideas, invented personally, and not taken from the Internet.

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As soon as the "lacoman" appears freeshe pays attention to the Instagram ribbon, admiring new ideas and fantasies. Sanders notes the genius of some girls who paint the nails divinely, saying that she always dreamed of doing this, but, unfortunately, she is not gifted with artistic talents.

Video and video

Sveta Sanders explained that it was not easy for herdecide to have an account in the network "Instagram", but, in her opinion, blogs are gradually becoming obsolete, and they are read only by those who lead them. The girl was struck by the excitement raised around the page created: for the first days of its existence thousands of fans have subscribed to her, and now Sanders pays special attention only to Instagram, although she does not blog.

Passionate with manicure masterpieces, Lightthinks about innovation and decides not just to exhibit the work of his work, but also to make video instructions for subscribers. She rejoices when her successively shown actions on drawing bright drawings on nails are repeated by her fans.

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Sveta Sanders nail design for swatches makesin daylight, in which, in her opinion, the colors of the varnishes are transmitted very accurately. If the hue is not displayed correctly, she uses photo editors, correcting all the inaccuracies. But the girl shoots video only with artificial light, believing that the clarity of details is more important than the correct color rendition.

From a hobby to the main job

As confessed to being on maternity leaveSveta Sanders, nails and their decoration for her became the main activity. Moved to a new level from the usual hobby, she considers the manicure to be a full-fledged work and receives many commercial proposals for cooperation. She thinks that the nail art has moved far ahead, and even those who prefer a monophonic coating, now choose a beautiful nail design.

Favorite Firms

The blogger has a tender love for several companies,which produces lacquers, among which it highlights Deborah Lippmann. Having learned about the brand 6 years ago, even at the dawn of its hobby, it does not change its taste to this day.

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Inspiring to create incredible drawings onnails, Sveta Sanders participated in the development of the ideal lacquer shade of the Australian company Picture Polish, whose products adore. The resulting color - a rich ink with sparkling sparkles - pleases not only the blogger. Subscribers note his glossy cover and an interesting game in the sun, when the color looks purple with a splotch of rainbow sparks.

Masterpieces for readers

A successful blogger does not follow trends innail industry, it does only what it likes, regardless of current trends. Considering that the coating will never be out of fashion with a single-color, gentle color, the girl performs various designs for her readers. And she says that she does not go out with such nails on the street, because her masterpieces require a special place and style, which must fit in. Often performs Sveta Sanders gradient-manicure, based on a special technique of smooth transition of one color to another. However, realizing a new idea, she erases the varnish and applies a transparent coating.

Proper nail care

Often subscribers ask questions to the talentednail designer, and she gladly talks about the proper care for nails, noting that not only quality lacquers are important here. One of the main points that Sveta Sanders focuses on is what kind of liquid is used to remove the coating. The blogger admits that not all of them are good, and many even lead to the stratification of nails, and advises to use gentle means, singling out for themselves the firm Sally Hansen.

In addition, a successful nyl-blogger gives advice to newcomers dreaming of fame, saying that the main thing here is not to lose your face for numerous swatches and do not like "like everyone else."

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