Hairstyles with curls on medium hair: technique and examples

Paradox: any woman with curly locks sometimes wants to straighten them, and those who have absolutely straight hair, tend to make hair with curls. On average hair, by the way, they are much easier to make than long ones. Therefore, both ordinary girls and Hollywood stars often curl.

hairstyles with curls on medium hair
But if famous people have their ringlets on mediumHair, the photos of which we see in all glossy magazines, do mostly in professional beauty salons, we do not have such an opportunity. So let's try to create a new image yourself. Moreover, it is not difficult. A hairdryer, a curling iron or tongs, some styling aids, skillful hands - and even if nature has not rewarded you with violent curls, nobody will know about it except you.

Hairstyles with curls on medium hair can beget in different ways. The most simple and harmless for the hair - plaiting braids. Their size and density of weaving will determine the type of future curls. For soft voluminous curls, only one or two braids are enough to braid, and riotous small curls will result from many tight braids.

hair curls on medium hair

Curlers - another familiar tool for everyoneshaping the hairstyle. Curls on medium hair with their help can be obtained in a matter of hours. There are a lot of curlers, depending on the desired form of curls, you can use any. The most common: bobbin, rollers, boomerangs. A thermobigi will allow you to wind the strands in minutes.

To get a beautiful and natural hairstyle withringlets on the middle hair of a girl often use a hair dryer with a diffuser. To do this, apply a styling agent to the washed strands. Then you should dry them with your fingers and a hair dryer with a special nozzle. You can use a conventional device complete with a round brush. Here you do not need much skill, but only free time for careful processing of each strand.

And now let's talk about how to createcertain hairstyles with curls on medium hair. Same as the famous Hollywood stars. For example, Madonna can often be seen with large curls. To create this laying, you need to wash your hair, divide them into parting, that is, to form a sketch of the future hairstyle.

curls on average hair photo
Then we separate the medium-sized strands intohorizontal prodrivings and wind on the thermal rollers or curling iron. To ensure that the result is flawless, do not brush your hair, but comb it with your fingers. Do this only after the curls completely cool.

Another famous actress Misha Barton lovesonly twist the tips of your head. For such a hairdress, you need to dry your hair, lifting them from the roots. At the tips it is necessary to apply a special heat-protective spray. We twist strands on a brush-brushing only to the middle. If you have a long straight fringe, it is also better to screw it or pin it with invisible ones.

Small curls, for example, like Sasha Savelyeva,the best way to look at girls whose hair is curled by nature. Apply a foam on the clean head for styling, then blow dry with a hair dryer, tilting it forward to give the hair volume. After that, take small strands and wind them with thin tongs. To fix a ready hairdress the hairspray will help.

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