Who is facing a ladder for medium hair?

ladder on medium hair
Often, a woman's face has any drawbacks,which can be associated with its proportions. You can hide them easily with the help of a well-chosen haircut, and one of those is a ladder on medium hair. Doing such a haircut, you kill two birds with one stone: firstly, it is a universal length that looks incredibly feminine and attractive, and secondly, it's falling curls of different length that will profitable correct the oval of the face and emphasize only its merits.

It should be noted that for many years now one of theThe most popular hairstyles are just a ladder for medium hair. Photos of this hairdressing masterpiece prove that he goes absolutely to everyone - both chubby, and girls with an outstretched oval face. Choosing this styling, the main thing is to correctly predict the distances between the "steps" from which your appearance will depend. When the ladder is frequent, the image becomes more refined and feminine. However, with this styling should be more careful: if the hair is naughty, then it will look sloppy. Rare transitions between the "steps" give the woman more rigor and restraint. Such a haircut will look great and ideally straight, and on wavy ringlets.

steps on medium hair photo

A separate topic is "A scaffold with a bang". Medium hair is an excellent option for such a hairstyle only if they are obedient. Such a haircut will look both simple and tasteful, suitable for both a young girl and a woman of mature age. Also, the ladder on medium hair, be it with a bang or without it, will become some kind of "accessory" that will harmoniously be combined with any way in clothes. Slightly twirling the hair with a curling iron, you can create the look of a romantic diva, and ideally aligning the curls, on the contrary - a strict and cold image of the business lady.

Having such a universal haircut as a ladder,any woman can create new styling every day. For example, throwing the main part of the hair on one side and slightly twisting the tips, you can easily and quickly make a volumetric hairstyle. And if such a masterpiece is complemented by a barrette on the one hand, then it turns out to be an ideal variant in retro style.

ladder with bangs average hair

With such a styling you can go to a restaurant,a date or a theater. Mowing the ladder on medium hair is an ideal basis for beautiful tails and shells. The hair in the beam with the falling asymmetrical ends will look very feminine and gentle. In the same way, you can twist the "shell" and release from it several curls of different lengths.

It should also be remembered that the ladder can haveboth symmetric and asymmetric structure. In the first case, the hairstyle will look quite strict. In addition, it will only go to girls with a square or oval face. But asymmetrically cut strands will deftly hide such a disadvantage as large cheeks, convex cheekbones or too high forehead. Most often, such styling is done on the basis of a skewed parting and can be supplemented with the same oblique filleted bangs.

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