The most fashionable holiday hairstyles for medium hair

Hairstyle has always been the main componentimage of each girl. And the more unusual it is, the more feminine and attractive the image as a whole. The ideal length of hair is the length to the shoulders. After all, it is suitable for creating any evening hairdo or styling. Do not forget that you can do it yourself. So, what holiday hairstyles for medium hair can be created without resorting to the help of professionals?


In this season, many girls prefer asymmetry.

Festive hairstyles for medium hair
And Hollywood stars can often be seen withasymmetric beams from the side, the main advantage of which is that they are made quite simply, but look fashionable and original. There are different ways of doing this hairstyle. For example, you can simply collect the hair in the tail, and then, curling the tips, make a bunch. We fix the resulting masterpiece with invisibles and hairpins. A high volume beam will also be very attractive.


Fashion hairstyles for medium hair
Such festive hairstyles on medium hair, likebraids, also remain in fashion this year. After all, they are great as a shirt with jeans, and evening dresses. A win-win option is the French braid, and you can give preference to spikelets all over your head, and bohos. Those who prefer more unusual options, can experiment and create a natural curls hairstyle in the form of a small mess. It can be decorated with thin pigtails.


Choosing the right holiday hairstyles formiddle hair, do not forget about the hair. He is always relevant. If you do not have very thick, thin hair, hair loss is an ideal option for you. Those who wear an elongated square or a graduated haircut can make a very topical "babetu" this season.

The curls

Can not determine which fashion hairstyles onaverage hair will suit your type of face? Experiment with the curls. After all, this is the most sexy and feminine hairstyles. Curls on medium hair do not too difficult. At first glance this is a very simple variant of the holiday hairstyle. Despite this, curly strands look very impressive.

Hairstyle curls on medium hair

Moreover, curls will suit any girl, no matter what form of person she has. However, it should take into account a few nuances:

  1. Girls with a round face shape is best to give strands at the top of the volume, lifting curls.
  2. The owner of an elongated face is better to make a hairstyle of soft, not very curled hair.
  3. For the oval face shape fit retro style.

How to Curl Curls

To create waves, you can use differentdevices. They are selected depending on what effect you want to get. If your goal is to create large waves at the ends of your hair, feel free to choose a hair dryer and a special round brush. The same effect can be achieved with the help of a curling iron.

If you want to create retro waves, then youneed: hair clips, comb, foam. First, we form curls and fix them on the head with hairpins. Remember that you need to start with strands in the face, moving to those below. We process them as follows: at a distance of 3-4 cm from the roots of the hair a peculiar notch is formed, which is pinched by a clamp. The next notch should be directed in the opposite direction. We do the same actions with the rest of the strands, pretreating them with foam. We fix them with a special mesh or cap and leave to dry. This styling will reward you with ease and charm, giving romanticism to the image as a whole.

And do not forget that festive hairstyles for medium hair, created by own hands, not only emphasize the individuality of women, but also are her main adornment.

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