Proper care of the skin around the eyes will save your beauty

For sure, every woman, discovering the firstwrinkles on his face, very upset. What is it, aging or improper care? How to prevent the stretching of the delicate and delicate skin under the eyes and delay the first signs of its aging?

Why does the skin around the eyes quickly give in to aging?

Indeed, the skin that is undereyes, always wrinkled faster than other areas. This indicates its inadequate protection. So, under the epithelium on this site there are no muscles and fat, so it is too thin and vulnerable. It easily stretches, which promotes the formation of wrinkles.

The first signs of aging are displayed just under the eyes and around them due to the fineness of the epidermis, so this site will require special care, starting from the youth.

How to take care of the skin around the eyes?

The fact is that when we are awake, the musclesour faces move, shrinking or stretching. And that it does not form defects, it is necessary to moisten it. Of course, do not all the time throughout the day to smear your face with greasy creams. This should be done in the evening and in the morning, choosing the right cosmetics for your skin type. It is very important not to injure the skin and up to 30 years of age not to use any anti-aging cosmetics if your species has not yet acquired a critical condition.

It is recommended to visit sometimes professionals,which will make you face masks and will prompt you how to properly look after it to always look great. A whole complex of procedures for skin care for your face offers a beauty salon near the metro Ozerki in St. Petersburg -

When buying cosmetics, always pay attention to its composition. If it contains lanolin, then redness may occur and the skin will swell. Well, if the cream contains vitamin E and A.

You can take care of your skin at home,this will be an excellent addition to professional procedures. Moisturizing and nutrition will have homemade face mask recipes, they will also have a beneficial effect on your appearance and well-being.

Unfortunately, nature takes its own, and naturalThe process of aging, although it can not be stopped, but you can delay a little. For this, many women resort to effective anti-wrinkle remedies. Botox is one such remedy. Painless and very effective procedures will help women in adulthood to remain as young as 10 years ago. You can see more photos before and after Botox -

It is very important to pay attention to your skin from an early age, so that at a later age you will not be afflicted by early wrinkles and the appearance of your face.

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