Care for problem skin in the home

Even the most beautiful and perfect person canspoil the oily skin. She constantly shines, it is difficult to take care of her, often there are red spots, acne and pimples. All this does not add charm and greatly spoils the mood. Many people have to cancel important meetings and appointments because of an unexpectedly popped up sap of the face.

care for problem skin
In order to avoid such situations,it is necessary to provide full-fledged care for the problem skin of the face. First of all, select the means: cream, tonic, lotion and so on. Carefully read the composition and recommendations for use. All products must match your skin type and do not contain allergens.

Care for problematic skin begins withpurification. Be sure to rinse the makeup before going to bed and wash your face thoroughly. Remove from the face of contamination will help foam or gel. The procedure should be done in the morning and in the evening. Removing surplus skin secretions from the skin surface will save you from the appearance of acne.

care for problem skin in the home

Care for problem skin in the homenecessarily includes toning. This stage is also important. He goes right after the purification. Used for this are tonics and lotions. Their task is to stimulate metabolic processes in the skin. Under their influence, the pores are visibly contracted, the skin is smoothed and acquires a healthy appearance.

Oily skin needshumidification. Often, by caring for the problem skin of the face, women miss this point. To maintain elasticity and elasticity, it needs moisture. As a rule, a series of creams for problem skin are designed in such a way that the main part of the moisturizing components falls on the night creams. Thus, you will not be bothered by a greasy shine, and the skin will receive a portion of the necessary substances.

acne problem skin
Acne (problem skin is an excellent environment for theirappearance) appear due to a lack of vitamins and other trace elements. Saturate their skin will also help a good cream. Choose it is necessary depending on the time of year. In winter, it must protect from wind and cold, and in summer - from sunlight. In addition, it should be well absorbed and not leave a greasy shine. If your cream does not meet these conditions, then think about changing it.

In addition to the items listed above, care forproblematic skin should include additional procedures. Be sure to use the scrub twice a week. It perfectly cleanses the top layer of the skin, removes dead cells, thereby leveling the surface of the face. Thanks to the scrub, the pores are cleared, which significantly reduces the likelihood of acne and other troubles.

For deeper nourishment of the skin usedmask. They penetrate deep layers and accelerate metabolic processes. Depending on their composition, the masks solve a wide range of problems. The most important for the problem skin are: normalization of the sebaceous glands, renewal of the upper layer, regeneration, disinfection, removal of red spots from acne. Most masks can be prepared by yourself. In this case, you will be assured of the quality of the components and the expiration date.

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