Fashion haircuts for medium hair for housewives and students, business women and young mothers

Fashionable haircuts for medium hair are relevant for years30, and suitable for those who do not like braids, complex laying and extra costs for hair dye. For the ladies who have opened their company, students, housewives and young mothers, this is an excellent option for every day. If the skin is far from ideal or pimples are located in the neck and cheeks, the curvy locks will hide for a time this defect.

Fashionable haircuts for medium hair, not onlyperform a protective function, but also allow to reveal the image of a woman if she wants to put on the forefront her elegance: Bob-kara, by the way, can charm a schoolboy, a taxi driver, and even a bank manager. In addition, short hair allows you to feel relaxed in the meeting room and at a business dinner, while the locks to the waist line constantly declare themselves on an open contract, then in a plate with lobsters.

Fashionable haircuts for medium hair

If you are tired of long strands, then fashionable haircutson medium hair will be a rescue at a time when you want to leave a hedgehog at 3 cm on your head. Do not be nervous because you do not know how long to trim the locks, because below you will learn about what haircuts hairdressers offer .

  • A ladder. Its difference is in the lengths of strands that resemble a ladder. It is suitable for all types of hair, even curly. The variant with a bang goes even to women for 50.
  • Cascade. A three-dimensional haircut that can be easily laid at home with a hair dryer and a large round comb. From the ladder, it differs in that the strands smoothly, not sharply, move from short hair to longer ones.

Fashionable haircuts for medium hair can be withbangs, if it is stepped or straight, straight or oblique, closes the eyes or is lowered to the level of the eyebrows. Hairdressers are advised to wear slanting bangs to owners of wide cheekbones: asymmetry in the forehead area will perfectly hide the lack.

Female haircuts for medium hair

Ragged version of the face visually pulls, so for plump young ladies stylists advise the image of a naughty girl who categorically refuses to get acquainted with the comb.

Haircuts 2013 on medium hair

Female haircuts for medium hair offerpay attention to the bean-car. It will not only add volume, which is so lacking in fine hair, but will also increase the size of the head. The length of such a haircut varies from earlobe to shoulder, and the effect of multilayering can be achieved by coloring individual strands.

Haircuts 2013 on medium hair offer several options for thin curls: classic quads or mouse tails without bangs. Do not want to go to the salon - make 2 simple hairstyles.

  1. The disheveled stranger. Collect the hair in a careless bun at the back of the head. 3-4 strands pull out of it, twist the flagella and fill with varnish. Decorate them with small rhinestones or mini-crabs, bring your eyes wide with arrows and go out into the street to shoot eyes.
  2. Tail with fleece. Collect hair in the tail, fasten it with a tight elastic band and scratch it with a thick comb. Take in hands the colored varnish of strong fixation and at a distance of 20 cm from the head release the stream towards the disheveled ends. Rainbow can and does not do, but two colors - it's an axiom!

Did you like it? Then immediately go to the mirror.

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