Overdressed with long hair - charm and elegance

Naches is a great way to give thinhair chic volume. Fashion for naches came a long time ago. Even during the reign of kings, court ladies wore high hairstyles, the basis of which was exactly him. Now this way of giving volume is used more often for evening and wedding hairstyles, rather than for everyday life.

hair over long hair
However, combing long hair, devoid ofthe nature of the density and splendor, is able even to daily hairstyle to give charm and elegance. Making the volume of short and medium hair - it's quite simple, just watch a couple of video lessons. But to create a long hair does not come to many women. This is due to the fact that long hair due to its severity does not lend itself to special manipulations.

Step-by-step instruction

In this article, you will learn how to properly make hair long hair, short and medium length hair. Below is the sequence of actions.

laying on long hair

1. Do nails only on newly washed hair. In the event that more than three hours have elapsed after washing, you will not be able to manage your hair properly. This is due to the fact that a small layer of fat has already formed on the scalp, because of which the volume will very soon disappear if you do it. It is necessary to use a softening balm - it protects the head of hearing from mechanical damage and gives the locks flexibility and elasticity.

2. After washing, the hair should be dried with a hair dryer, tilting the head forward. Hot air will lift them from the roots.

3. As soon as the hair is dried, you can start to put it on. To create it, you will need a comb with sparse denticles (ideally a hairpin - a special tool for naches) and a varnish for fixing. Take a small strand and begin to "whisk" it in the direction from the roots to the tips. For convenience, it is possible to separate the strands in advance and secure them with hairpins.

4. To make the volume look natural and natural, you need to leave a lock on the very top untouched, you will cover it with your hair combed.

5. After combing all the necessary strands, take a massage comb and lightly swipe over the untouched strand on the crown to smooth the surface.

6. The final step is fixation of the obtained volume with the help of hairspray. By the way, thus it is possible to create hairdresses on long hair, medium and short.

how to make a hairstyle for long hair

If all of the above items you didcorrectly, then this fleece will last for several hours. How to make a hairstyle for long hair with a fleece? First you need to give your hair volume and only then start to create the most hairstyle. For example, if you want to make a tall tail with a fleece, then initially create a volume and only then fasten the curls to the tail. Styling on long hair - it is always more difficult than on the hair of medium and, moreover, short length. No matter how long and thick your hair is, the main thing is how you can handle them. Using naches, you can revive even the most dull and inconspicuous hair. If you are experiencing difficulties in the laying process, please refer to specialized sites. There you can find information about how to properly lay on long hair, photos illustrate it all.

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