How to make a hairstyle with a bandage. Fashion Trends

In the past season, there were very popularhairstyles with ribbon, string, rim, bandage. This year, the popularity of these accessories did not decrease. Unfortunately, not all women of fashion know how to make a hairstyle with a bandage.

hairstyles with bandage

The summer is approaching - it's time to wear bright colors,unusual prints and completely unpredictable hairstyles. Therefore, girls simply need to know how to beautifully pack with the help of bandages as short, medium, and long hair.

You will be pleasantly surprised, as to makehairstyle with a bandage is not only very easy, but also very fast. If you need to urgently run somewhere, then this option will be very useful. Not more than ten minutes will go to create this elegant hairstyle. Adapted, you will spend 2-3 minutes on it. By the way, in order to keep the hair lying better and keep the shape longer, they do not need to be freshly washed.

For hairstyles for very long hair can fit absolutely any bandage: leather, stretch fabric, wool, suede, satin, elastic laces.

how to make a hairstyle with a bandage

So, how to make a hairstyle with a bandage for long hair:

  1. For this hairstyle we will need a rubber bandage so that it keeps the strands better. Carefully comb the hair along the entire length. We put on a bandage on the head.
  2. Divide the hair into four equal parts. Twist each strand into a loose bundle.
  3. Raise the strand, podderte under the elastic band and pull down. Do the same with the rest of the hair. If the hair is very long, the procedure can be done 2-3 times. Lock the strands.
  4. Combine the remaining hair in one loose braid.
  5. Obtain the braid on the same principle, poke it under the bezel in the middle of the stacking, and the ends hook under the bandage with invisible or stilettos.
  6. For the disintegration effect, you can carefully pull out a few fine strands from the temples and slightly shake the hair on the back of the neck.
  7. Sprinkle with hairspray a ready hairstyle for strength.
  8. The bandage can be worn both at the very border of the forehead andhair, and below, directly on the forehead. For social events, you can choose a bandage with rhinestones, stones, feathers, flowers. Then your outfit will look even more luxurious and dazzling.

Now about how to make a hairstyle with a bandage, you can tell or even show your girlfriends.

Elegantly it will look a bezel or a lace and onshort hair. For this, you just need to put on a bandage and comb your hair back. The elastic band can be any color, design and quality. Then fix it with lacquer. This hairstyle looks very stylish and sexy. Also on short hair, bandages in the form of braids and single-colored wide bands look great.

greek bandage on the head
To make a hairstyle in the style of beautifulGreek goddesses, we need a triple bezel or a long string or ribbon. If possible, the Greek bandage on the head should be thin, patterned, light shades. This hairstyle is very suitable for owners of long curly hair. If you have even curls, you can twist them with a curling rod or boomerang curlers. Comb the hair lightly back and up and collect it into a loose shell or fix them with hairpins. Put on the bezel or wrap the tape several times around the head.

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