Popular tattoo "Garter on foot": meaning, features, sketches

Unusual girls make a choice in favor of unusual tattoos. Garter on the leg is an excellent example. Decorate yourself with such an accessory the most courageous and decisive young ladies decide.

tattoo garter on the leg

Features of tattoo

Tattoo on the leg in the form of a garter - a great wayemphasize sexuality, emancipation, playful temper. Qualitatively performed, this tattoo does not look vulgar at all, but, frankly, you need to be able to wear it. It is necessary to add an image of a couple of bad taste like a leopard mini skirt in a slinky, ridiculous décolletage and a handful of cheap trinkets - how the flirting of femininity and seductiveness will fly irrevocably, replaced by a touch of dissolute accessibility.

tattoo on the leg in the form of a garter

The detail of the wardrobe, which was the basis of the plot,- Garter. This is not a thing that can and should be put on public display. It is designed for the eyes of one and only. But the purpose of drawing a tattoo, as a rule, has a certain amount of demonstrativeness. The tattoo "Garter on the leg" does not apply to linen, nothing is shameful that it will be seen, it seems to be not. It is important to find a balance, to balance. Perhaps in everyday life, only a piece of tattoo is enough, which is visible in the high cut of the dress or through the lace shorts? But on the beach or in the pool you can show the tattoo in all its glory.


Tattoo "Garter on the leg", performed inrealistic style, looks good. The elaborate laces, beads, pendants and bows look very tempting. Realism is the most common style that masters choose to work with this motif.

Stylized garters in the form of ethnic ornament, inscriptions, barbed wire, stems and branches of plants are popular. Often they are supplemented with bows, pendants, ribbons.

tattoo garter on the leg

Garter-garters and garter-holsters

Pistols and a knife are a frequent companion of tattoos. It would seem that such a refined feminine accessory, like a garter, is unlikely to be combined with a man's weapon. But, in the opinion of the men themselves, such tandems are very successful.

tattoo garter on the leg

They give the owner strong and evenaggressive features, giving out in it the ability to make decisions and the ability to stand up for oneself. Do you want to emphasize these qualities in yourself? Feel free to decide on such a daring plot as the tattoo "Garter on the leg," which is filled with a trunk or blade.


Modern technologies allow the master to use the whole gamut of colors. Thanks to this, he can achieve excellent resemblance to the original tattoo, give the image depth.

tattoo on the leg in the form of a garter

Very original look tattooed garters, made with white paint. Similar to lace, they look very refined and feminine. No less popular and colorful tattoos.

Garter on foot: value

The meaning of this tattoo is always connected with desirelike. It is chosen and young girls, and married women who want to make a relationship with half the sharpness and piquancy. According to men, this tattoo is actually one of the most seductive and cute.

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