High hairstyles are always in trend!

Women with long hair always lookchic. However, sometimes the owners of luxurious head of hear their wealth is a lot of trouble. Long and heavy locks are difficult enough to collect in high hairstyles. But sacrifice your favorite length because of this, too, is not worth it.

Long hair is very feminine: it is worth it to dissolve the girl, and she, like a magnet, immediately attracts the views of those around her. Undoubtedly, such attention is very pleasant, but loose hair is not always practical and convenient. Today there are countless options for styling long hair, but high hairstyles are most popular.

Using the belowrecommendations and showing their imagination, any woman will be able to create from her hair a real work of art on her own. In order to make high hairstyles for long hair, it is not necessary to go to the salon.

high hairstyles for long hair
Hairstyle "The very elegance"

Before proceeding with thishairstyles, you need to wash and dry your hair, and then apply a smoothing serum on them - this tool will help make hair obedient. Then they gather in the ponytail, but on the last curl they do not need to be stretched completely - the tips should stay on top. The next step is the vertical division of hair over the tail. In the parted part you need to wrap the remaining tips, and behind them - carefully wrap the whole loop of hair. The resulting design is fixed with hairpins and fixed with hairspray.

Bant of hair

high hairstyles at the prom

If you want to make your image original andat the same time romantic, then this will help you a bow of hair - this hairstyle is now, by the way, in the trend itself. The bang of the hair does not need to be decorated with additional accessories, because it itself looks very stylish, so women who prefer high hairstyles, this option will do just fine.

At the first stage, the hair is divided horizontallyin two parts. From the height of the location of the future bow will depend on the level of selection. The lower part is tied in the tail - until it is needed. The base of the bow is the upper part. It should be lightly combed and tied with an elastic band. Doing the last turn of the elastic, stretch through it 2/3 of the length of the hair to form a loop. We divide the loop vertically into two equal parts, and the remaining tips

high hairstyles
stretch between them. Thus, you get a ready-made bow. It must be fixed with a varnish. The lower part of the hair is released from the gum and we give it the desired shape, that is, it is wound or, on the contrary, we even straighten it with an iron. And you can make one more bow out of it.

Such perfect hairstyles for graduation party are ideal. They can also be made for weddings and other special occasions.

All high hairstyles require not onlya certain skill, but also fantasy. The above examples of hairstyles can be called basic, because a woman can easily supplement or remove this or that element. Do not be afraid to experiment, and you will be irresistible always!

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