Hairstyles with naches are back in fashion!

Not so long ago, simple hairstyles with fleece wereincredibly popular. Then it was used only to give a light volume to the hair, as well as to create intricate hairstyles. Today, designers are backfired in fashion.

hairstyles with naches
These hairstyles can be treated differently. Some girls do not accept it, thinking that with it the hair looks unnatural. But this is a matter of taste, since everyone determines for himself the means and methods of forming hairstyles. Also there is an opinion that for hair it is harmful, since it contributes to the appearance of split ends.

Hairstyles with naches: dignity

The main advantage of combing is an increasevolume. Given the fashionable modern tendencies of laying, it is used as the main means of forming an interesting image. With it, it's very easy to make the styling at home. To look modern, stylish and fashionable, the skill of the hairdresser will not be required - without any effort with the fleece will cope with any.

You need to know how to make it yourself, so that the hair is obedient.

We do hairstyles with naches

evening hairstyles with a fleece photo

  1. The hair must be thoroughly washed and dried. Fatty tips can cause bad results. This is due to the fact that they slip, therefore, at the roots the hair loss will subside under the weight of the hairstyle.
  2. Next, you need a comb with a few sharp teeth with a thin handle. It will be convenient for selecting the necessary layers. The topmost row should be untouched.
  3. Careful and unsharp movements brush your hair. Do not comb them directly from the tips, but slowly, without lifting the comb, scratch them. Go up the comb above with the hair down.
  4. It is necessary to fix each strand with the help of hairspray, wishing to make evening hairstyles with a fleece. You can see their photos below.
  5. Next, take a comb with a soft natural bristle and a little comb hair back. Do not make sharp, strong movements - you do not need to comb them, but just to shape the styling.
  6. Top layer try to comb morecarefully, hiding all the tangled hair, while giving the hair the desired shape. Then cover up the top strands that remained untouched, then fix it with lacquer. Wishing to achieve a natural kind of laying, use a varnish of weak fixation.

simple hairstyles with a fleece
Hairstyles with curly hair

If you made curly curls, you can scratchevery large single strand. Adding the curls to the volume, gently give them the desired shape with a soft enough brush. Then securely fix the finished packing with varnish.

Hairstyles with naches: the main prohibitions

Its main negative consequences arethe fact that during the creation of a fleece, hair scales are slightly opened, because of what they are confused. Over time, the hair can begin to be severely severed. You should also buy quality hair varnishes, because cheap options can also have a negative effect on the condition of your hair.

Experiment, change - it's never too late!

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