Cutting hot scissors: the pros and cons of this procedure

Virtually every woman knows about thisprocedure, like cutting hot scissors. But few people realize that this procedure was used in Egypt since the reign of Cleopatra. Naturally, in ancient times, this method was less effective than the modern haircut with hot scissors. Pros and cons of this procedure, of course, is. Let's find out.

cutting hot scissors pluses and minuses

The principle of thermotrip

To understand this issue, firstconsider the structure of the hair. Any hair consists of a rod, the walls of which are strewn with microscopic scales. When such scales fit well together, the hair looks healthy and well-groomed. Such violence over hair, like blow-drying, ironing or curling, the use of mousses, varnishes and other means have a very bad effect on the structure of the hair. As a result, the scales are separated, and the hair becomes similar to the brush.

With the problem of split ends collidewomen who grow their hair. To make the strands look beautiful and well-groomed, you have to constantly update the tips. As a result, long hair and remain a dream for a very long time.

Grooming in the traditional way gives onlya short-term effect, since in this way an open cut is left. Thus, the flakes begin to split quickly, as a result of which the healthy appearance of the hairdo quickly disappears.

What good is a haircut with hot scissors? This procedure allows you to solve the problem of split ends for a long time. When it is carried out, scales on the hair are soldered. Thus, all the necessary moisture and nutrients are stored inside the hairs. After several such procedures, the hair looks healthy, and their structure is completely restored.

Haircut with hot scissors: pluses and minuses

The technique of thermal feathering has its own peculiarity: the master takes very small strands, twists them into bundles, and then slightly ruffles. After that, immediately visible are the pointed sticking tips, which should be cut.

Does it really have a healing effect?cutting with hot scissors? The pros and cons of such a procedure is a rather controversial issue. But the fact that after the thermotrip hair have a more healthy and well-groomed appearance, they say practically everything. In addition, thermotripsy promotes rapid hair growth.

therapeutic haircut with hot scissors

This procedure is very popular today.popularity. However, many women for some reason believe that thermotriction is harmful. This is not true. Its therapeutic effect has already been mentioned earlier. In addition, after a few haircuts you will forget about what the split ends are. After 4-5 procedures, an increase in the volume of hair is observed. To explain this can be very simple: the pressure in the tips increases, and the thickness of each hair becomes the same over the entire length. It is also worth noting that hair after the thawing will fall less.

Is it so safe and effective haircut?with hot scissors? Pros and cons are in almost every procedure. Thermotrip was not an exception. The biggest drawback of the haircut is its labor intensity. The longer and thicker the hair, the more time and effort will be spent by the master. It should also be noted that the hair will cease to be cut for a long time, but not forever.

than a good haircut with hot scissors

Healing with hot scissors really has only a positive effect on the hair. Now every woman can become the owner of a magnificent, shiny and well-groomed hairdress.

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