What is Botox the pros and cons of the drug

Cosmetology develops by leaps and bounds andoffers man increasingly effective methods of preserving a beautiful appearance. Drugs that act almost instantly, are becoming more and more. The most innovative inventions in this area include botox pros and cons of which we discuss in this article.

Today, perhaps, there is no more discussed topic thanBotox. This drug is produced in America and is a derivative of recycled rods that cause botulism and are used for preventive vaccination against this dangerous disease. As is known, the basis of the action of these microorganisms lies their paralyzing property, which purposefully used in their work, researchers who are engaged in cosmetic issues. Injections botox block for some time the nerve endings of facial muscles, preventing them from taking a position that causes wrinkles. Introduced Botox under the strict supervision of a specialist doctor, who seriously and responsibly studies the characteristics of the patient's body. The fact is that botulinum is a very dangerous poison. But in spite of the fact that Botox injections of toxic reactions as such have not yet manifested in clinical form, no one will risk independently determine the dose of the drug and the place of its administration.

In the world, any phenomenon has positive andnegative qualities. Is not an exception and Botox the pros and cons of which are reflected on the person's face. The pluses are that this drug can be administered without age restrictions. For literally two weeks, the person who chose this method of rejuvenation is changing before our eyes. Not only small but deep mimic wrinkles disappear on his face. The skin becomes smooth, smooth, acquires a beautiful, natural color. If people did not know a person before the cosmetic procedure, then they do not notice any age changes on his face.

And yet, without a spoonful of fly in the ointment of honeydoes not seem possible. And when discussing botox, the pros and cons of the drug, unfortunately, can not be circumvented. For example, an acute problem for this procedure is that it requires at least three repeated injections per year. And each time, in addition to effective smoothing of the skin of the face, with the wrong introduction, it is possible to drop the corners of the mouth or eyelids, puffiness of the face.

Before deciding on Botox, the pros and consmust be carefully studied by the patient. Be afraid of unscrupulous beauticians who, for the sake of economy, can introduce a drug of reduced concentration, which too can cause an ineffective result. And, of course, you need to remember that Botox is contraindicated to allergic people, pregnant women, patients with hemophilia and infectious diseases, for example, herpes.

It would be strange if there were not scientists at once,which would not have come up with an alternative drug. And now those who want to do their appearance cardinally, have an occasion to reflect on what is best: dysport or botox.

Some information about the disport. It is also made based on the purification of botulinum toxin and has about the same effect on facial muscles as botox. But, unfortunately, dysport is noted in cosmetologists as a drug with a higher allergy. It extends to neighboring tissues, so it often causes swelling, ovulation, and, as a consequence, headache. Therefore, the dosage of the disport should be approached very seriously. Pleases that side effects very soon pass and the person is younger, having got rid of defects.

Decide whether a dispenser or botox suits you more, everyone should himself. But another argument in favor of Botox is that its injections last much longer.

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