Collected hairstyles at the prom - nice and romantic

Ahead of the graduation party ... Preparation is completecourse, and the appearance of the graduate is the most important question. Which option to choose, which is better: loose curls or collected hairstyles for graduation? Pay attention to the second option - today this is one of the most fashionable trends. The collected strands open the neck and give the young girl-graduate a kind of insecurity and tenderness.

collected hairstyles at the prom

How to decide on the choice of hairstyle at the prom?

The collected hair looks very elegant. If you want to make the styling from the loose curls, then the likelihood that there will be a majority of such hairstyles at the graduation ball is very high. No girl will want to see some of her "doubles" on this solemn evening, to which she was so carefully prepared. The way out is to collect the hair in an original, but at the same time suitable hair style.

What do you need to consider?

Much will depend on the outfit:

- A tight dress will harmoniously look with smooth hair and clear silhouette lines of the hairstyle.

- On the prom evening, the gathered hair, laid lightly carelessly and airily, will look romantic in combination with light decollete outfits.

- Open shoulders just look great with low knots, performed on the occipital part of the head.

hairstyles for the final collected hair

- A high knot on the vertex will give more silhouette to the silhouette of the figure, visually increase the height and make the girl a little more mature. Very well, such a hairstyle is complemented by a dress with a corset.

An important rule

Collected hairstyles for the prom evening should bevery simple! If you get carried away with an abundance of elements (complex weaves, pretentious books, etc.) with a lot of varnish, then the impression will be that the girl on her head, as they say, "Babylon". Especially such hairstyles are sinning master hairdressers, trying to create a hairstyle like this "competitive". This is completely unnecessary. The simpler the hairstyles on the graduation will be, the more the face and attire of the young graduate will be evident. If you want to avoid such an unpleasant situation, think about the fact that you yourself can quite make yourself a very beautiful hairstyle (in extreme cases, a girlfriend or mother will help).

hairstyles for graduation

The easiest option - collected hairstyles for the prom night with the help of swirling strands

The stages of work are as follows:

- Prepare the styling products (lacquer, foam), hairpins, invisible, hair gum and, if desired, a beautiful decoration (it should be combined with the chosen way).

- Pure wet hair cover with foam for styling and dry with a hair dryer.

"Gather the hair in a knot." If your design is large, lightly brush strands on the crown. If you decided to comb smoothly, then carefully comb with a comb into a tight bundle and fasten with an elastic band. Now sprinkle with varnish and once again go through the comb with frequent teeth on the entire surface of the head to achieve a glossy effect.

- Depending on the project, divide the tail intoseparate strands, comb each, lightly cover with varnish and again comb. Slightly twisting the strand, lay it in the desired direction and securely fasten with studs or invisible. This method forms the various hairstyles collected at the graduation party. In the end, cover the hair with lacquer and attach the jewelry.

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