Proper hair care: five secrets of luxurious hair

The main ornament of any woman, undoubtedly,are hair: luxurious, beautiful, healthy. And proper hair care, especially for long hair, requires much more time and effort than a short one. The chic braids of a Russian girl at all times were sung in songs and poems. Yes, and today, long hair makes people pay attention to themselves, although it is much easier for many girls to make a short haircut than to work daily on the attractiveness of their hair. But if you are the owner of a luxurious head of hair, then you need to care for long hair, and it must be done correctly.

How will be correct?

proper hair care
Many give advice on hair care: and professionals, and those who do not have to this direct relationship, but they know the secrets of beautiful and healthy hair from acquaintances, colleagues, colleagues, and also from personal experience.

Secret first

tips for hair care
Daily it is necessary to comb long haircomb with infrequent teeth. Start better with tips, gradually attaching the upper strands. It is better to use a comb made of natural materials, ideally - wooden. Combing your hair along the entire length, you improve the blood circulation, which contributes to their growth and healthy appearance.

The Secret of the Second

Long hair should be washed with warm water,so that they can not be dried out excessively. The right choice of shampoo for washing your head is important. The choice depends on the type of your skin. Of course, normal, fatty and dry hair needs a different shampoo. When buying it in a store, be sure to read the label where the type of hair for which the shampoo is intended should be clearly indicated. For colored hair, you should choose a special shampoo, for problems with the scalp - therapeutic.

There is a feature of washing long hair: they are best washed when standing under the shower - so it's easier to distribute a shampoo portion, which should be diluted with a small amount of water, along the entire length of the hair. And do not forget about the conditioner or balm for easier combing.

The Secret of the Third

Now about drying. Long hair be careful of drying with hot air, it is necessary to use cold drying with a hair dryer. It is useful to naturally dry under normal conditions at room temperature.

The Fourth Secret

Proper hair care includes gentleattitude to their structure. Do not allow them to twist, tighten, sting the hair into a tight bundle and wind on all the known thermal rollers. It is not recommended to apply long hair perm. It is better to choose a hairstyle with a free arrangement of curls or with loose straight strands.

Secret Five

care for long hair
The longer the spit you have, the more important the correcthair care. The fact is that the hair of long hair is prone to such a disease as trichophylosis, when there is a fragility and a cross-section of tips. Then the hair requires constant moisturizing with moisturizing and nourishing masks. Excellent in this case, oils. In your arsenal should be such oils as olive, linseed, castor, burdock, almond and others. They are applied to the hair one hour before washing the head, then the head is wrapped in a warm towel. To wash off oil follows not so hot water.

Cutting ends of hair it is necessary to trim. It will be useful to perform a popular hot-cut with scissors, when the scales of the cuticle fit snugly against the hair shaft due to the reflow of the ends. You need to trim the ends at least once a month.

The most important thing for owners of long braids is to remember that proper hair care should be done regularly and daily. Then you will save this luxury for years to come!

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